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Norway is a fascinating destination; a nature lover’s paradise that also boasts numerous vibrant, trendy and historic cities to explore. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, culinary lover, or simply want to snuggle up in a glass igloo and watch the stunning Northern lights, Norway won’t disappoint.

Experience Arctic & Coastal Norway at its best! – Norwegian Adventure Company







Norwegian kroner

Time zone

GMT+1 | ET+6

Best time

All year


100.900 km

Power usage

98% hydro electric

The ski

Norway invented the ski 400 years ago

Cape Nordkinn

Northernmost point in Europe

Longest fjord

Sognefjorden (205 km)

Polar bears

Can be observed in Spitsbergen

Midnight sun

May to July

Northen Lights

September to February

Adventures North of the Ordinary – Norwegian Adventure Company

Adventures North of the Ordinary

Our favorite part is the coastal region, which has 
been our Northern playground for adventures and
explorer cruises since 2005. This beautiful coastline is the world’s second longest (100,900 km) and comes with a whole plethora of Nordic legends.

From Cape Lindesnes to Spitsbergen – Norwegian Adventure Company

From Cape Lindesnes to Spitsbergen

Stretching from Lindesnes in the south to Kirkenes in the north and then further beyond to the northern
island of Svalbard, close to the North Pole.

We fulfill the dreams of modern explorers through a combination of nature, cultural and local culinary experiences and tailored seasonal activities. These are designed to be inclusive for all fitness levels and multi-generational.

Norway, a nature haven – Norwegian Adventure Company

Norway, a nature haven

Today Norway is still a nature haven, with a small population of around 5.4 million people. The country enjoys political and economic stability, with friendly locals happily speaking English with our foreign guests.

Even though most parts of the country are
 off the beaten track, Norway has an extensive network of roads, ferries, and small airports with 
regular flights between cities and small towns, 
and further connections to mainland Europe, US, Asia, and the South Pacific.

Within three hours of boarding a flight in the capital Oslo, you can be in the middle of the Arctic wilderness of Svalbard – an island with more polar bears than people.

Experience Arctic & Coastal Norway at its best! – Norwegian Adventure Company


Southern Norway

Starting your adventure on the south coast, the fantastic capital of Oslo is a perfect hub for inbound international flights. It’s a vibrant city packed with culture, foodie delights and lies scenically alongside the fjord. From Oslo you can marvel at the beautiful, rugged coastline as you head further south with one small village after another with typical red and white wooden houses.

Alternatively, you can travel in style on historic boats through the water routes. Upon reaching the windy southern tip at Cape Lindesnes, nature changes suddenly, it gets wilder and rougher, and the open ocean welcomes you.


  • Oslo

  • Arendal

  • Kristiansand

  • Lindesnes


Western Norway & the Fjords

This part of Norway is known for its beautiful fjords and alpine mountains that start in the North Sea and rise for hundreds of kilometers inland. The region has been a favourite of European nobility and other famous visitors since the late 1800’s, including Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany and the British climber William Cecil Slingsby, who made many first ascents there.

The whole region is packed with world heritage sites, fantastic nature and glaciers, spectacular hikes, centuries old stave churches, picturesque cities and so much more.


  • Bergen

  • Flåm & the Fjords

  • Stavanger

  • Ålesund



Trondheim and the surrounding areas have several attractions including the most famous one, the Nidaros Cathedral, an impressive sight right in the centre of the city. The history of the cathedral and Olav the Saint makes it one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in Europe.

Just outside the city you find areas that are great for walking and hiking and dotted with many historic sites.


Arctic & Coastal Norway

Arctic & Coastal Norway can be found on the bucket list of many seasoned travellers. The lure is the raw, wild nature, massive sea swells, Arctic fjords, exciting activities and the incredible light, midnight sun in the summer and northern lights during the autumn and winter. You can venture to the unforgettable island of Svalbard, halfway to North Pole.

The region has been settled for thousands of years due to its relatively warm climate, ice-free harbours and excellent fishing. An adventure above the Artic circle is a lifechanging experience.


Nordland county

  • Helgeland

  • Bodø

  • Lofoten islands

  • Vesterålen

  • Narvik

Finnmark county

  • Alta

  • Kirkenes

  • Honningsvåg

Troms county

  • Andørja

  • Senja

  • Tromsø

  • Kvaløya

  • Lyngen

Spitsbergen (Svalbard)

  • Longyearbyen

Creating days to remember – Norwegian Adventure Company

Creating days to remember

Opportunities abound in coastal Norway, whether 
you want action or relaxation, fun in the snow or lounging under the midnight sun, seeing the sights, or pushing your boundaries, kayaking, skiing, hiking
or fishing – the choice is yours. We are here to
tailor your next adventure, whether for a weekend
or a month.

We create days you will remember, hopefully for the rest of your life.

We live here and so it’s vital that our travels have positive impact, leaving local communities with financial benefits and a low footprint from our activities.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Reasons travelling to Norway with us

Norwegian Adventure Company

Sustainable Adventures

Northern and Coastal Norway is an adventurous
playground. Throw yourself into something like hiking, biking, skiing, or kayaking safe in the knowledge that a comfortable bed and a delicious, local culinary experience awaits you at the other end. Or sail into a calm fjord surrounded by steep mountains, hunt for the Northern Lights or golf
underneath the Midnight Sun. We give you authentic experiences in Norway!

Norwegian Adventure Company

Meet the locals – extensive local knowledge

Our team all live in relevant local communities of Norway, representing deep local knowledge of the destinations and ensuring that our guest get the best of every destination. With our hands-on experience we’re making sure our guests get to the must-sees, but also find their way off the beaten track.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Tailor-made flexibility

We make personalised itineraries, mixing adventure with the right level of relaxation to suit you. For larger groups or corporate and conference travellers we also offer more fixed programmes. Whichever type of schedule you decide upon, our guests have the flexibility to change plans and adjust the experience along the way.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Personal service – digitised travel documentation

We believe the perfect travel balance is one combining personal service with the latest digitised services. We’ll provide you with online updates and digital programmes/applications on your phone, along with travel documents, tickets, and schedules. Throughout your journey we offer a personalised service and on-site representation from our travel experts and project managers who will always be available to you.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Responsible travel

NAC support the local economy, culture, and communities we work in. By opting for us you can choose small, lesser-known destinations and environmentally friendly transport and lodging. Our activities have a low environmental impact and are generally made in small groups with educated guides and
local staff. We live here and so it’s vital that our travels have positive impact, leaving local communities with financial benefits and a low footprint from our activities.

Norwegian Adventure Company


Safety always comes first. When travelling with NAC we are always there to support our guests, from the moment you reach the airport of the desired destination until your departure. We offer hands-on
expertise and service, and work diligently to ensure a safe travel experience for our guests, employees, local communities, and partners.

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