NAC and Our Strategic Partners

Norwegian Adventure Company has a handful of strategic partners contributing to our interaction with guests and customers, creating experiences that generate memories for a lifetime. These collaborations strengthen projects, events, and activities throughout the year, spanning the entire Arctic North and Coastal Norway.

NAC and Mammut – Norwegian Adventure Company

NAC and Mammut

Mammut is a Swiss company that produces clothing and equipment for mountaineering, skiing, outdoor activities, and other outdoor pursuits. Founded in 1862, Mammut is headquartered in Switzerland. Mammut manufactures a range of high-quality products for active outdoor lifestyles, including avalanche transceivers, probes, shovels for backcountry use, climbing harnesses, climbing shoes, ropes, backpacks, sleeping bags, along with a wide selection of sportswear.

Emphasizing sustainability, Mammut has implemented various measures to reduce its environmental impact and is involved in community projects, including support for mountain rescue services and education on mountain climbing and safety. At NAC, we share Mammut's commitment to building sustainable businesses and industries, with Mammut providing sustainable and premium outdoor gear for NAC's staff, hosts, guides, crew, and guests.

Mammut's Sustainability Strategy – Norwegian Adventure Company

Mammut's Sustainability Strategy

Mammut is renowned for its commitment to sustainability, working extensively to reduce the environmental impact of its production and products. This includes emissions reduction goals that encompass transportation and participation in industry initiatives for sustainable production.

Mammut is dedicated to minimizing the environmental impact of its operations. Learn more about Mammut's sustainability efforts here:

Mammut Responsibility.

NAC and Majesty Skis – Norwegian Adventure Company

NAC and Majesty Skis

Majesty Skis is an independent ski brand driven by individuals passionate about enhancing people's skiing experiences through innovative, durable, and sustainable products. Developed and produced by skiers for skiers, Majesty Skis aligns with NAC's spirit, where skiers create skiing experiences for our skiing guests, such as our legendary Arctic Haute Route.

Majesty Skis and Skis 4 Trees – Norwegian Adventure Company

Majesty Skis and Skis 4 Trees

Since 2007, Majesty Skis has been dedicated to crafting skis that elevate our love for skiing. All skis are handmade and quality-checked to ensure skiers can use them for many years without having to buy new ones. Majesty Skis takes its social and environmental responsibility seriously, planting thousands of trees annually through the Skis 4 Trees program Skis 4 Trees. For every pair of skis Majesty produces, they plant a tree.

Learn more about Majesty Skis at

NAC and Lofoten Arctic Water – Norwegian Adventure Company

NAC and Lofoten Arctic Water

Environmental and sustainability values are crucial to both NAC and Lofoten Arctic Water. Working individually and collaboratively, we continuously strive to improve and contribute to the fight against pollution. One of NAC's main priorities is UN Sustainable Development Goal 14, "Life Below Water," with a particular focus on the vulnerable seas and coastal communities in Norway, where our operations are based. NAC utilizes Lofoten Arctic Water bottles in its productions along the Norwegian coast because these aluminum bottles are suitable and practical for reuse during guest excursions.

Another essential aspect is that aluminum bottles do not impart any taste to the water due to an inner lining, ensuring no direct contact between the water and the aluminum. Many guests also keep the bottles as a memento of their experience, thanks to the fantastic design featuring the NAC logo, making it a perfect bottle for future adventures. We hope our guests continue to support Lofoten Arctic Water by purchasing their water even after returning home.

Lofoten Arctic Water aluminiumsflasker – Norwegian Adventure Company

Lofoten Arctic Water aluminiumsflasker

Lofoten Arctic Water Aluminum Bottles Lofoten Arctic Water aims to reduce microplastics in the sea by ceasing the use of plastic and instead opting for materials that can be recycled multiple times. Therefore, they chose to produce their bottles in aluminum, which can be recycled repeatedly without compromising quality. In Norway, over 95% of all sold aluminum cans are recycled, placing the country at the forefront globally. In Europe, for example, 95% of all aluminum from cars is recycled, over 90% from demolished buildings, and an average of around 70% of all aluminum cans. Worldwide, it is estimated that 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use, with a significant portion having been recycled multiple times.

Learn more about Lofoten Arctic Water and their sustainability philosophy here:

Lofoten Arctic Water Sustainability.

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