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Northern Food Revolution!

Experience world-class local produce. The best that Northern Norway has to offer; gutsy, honest, uncomplicated and truly North Norwegian.

Northern Food Revolution! – Norwegian Adventure Company

Arctic cuisine is associated with seafood, but a growing revolution has begun. Land-based farmers are beginning to offer an array of specialties using vegetable, herb and dairy products from the region, as well as quality meats such as lamb and reindeer.

Fishermen and modern sea-farmers are searching for new, rare raw materials or putting a different slant on traditional and well-loved foods. As an adventure company, it’s natural that Norwegian Adventure Company also explores innovative food experiences, rooted in local culture, as part of our adventure concept.

Northern Food Revolution! – Norwegian Adventure Company

Working with renowned Bocuse d'Or chef Gunnar Hvarnes, we have developed Arctic Adventure Cuisine. Using local produce from Nordland, Troms, and Finnmark, it is inspired by both the new Norwegian food wave and modern international cooking techniques that make the raw material the "Belle of the Ball".

Gunnar and ourselves aim for our guests to literally taste the Arctic on a plate. We also have a somewhat hairy long-term goal of putting Northern Norway on the culinary map on par with Piedmont, Provence and Tuscany.

We sit upon a hidden treasure that few Norwegian and foreign tourists know about – Our menu; devised from highest quality local ingredients by some of the world's best chefs, it has a distinctive seasonal quality that showcases the best that Arctic nature can offer.

Northern Food Revolution! – Norwegian Adventure Company
Arctic Adventure Cuisine

What's so special about Arctic food?

Northern Food Revolution! – Norwegian Adventure Company
The special thing about the Arctic climate is that it’s very cold, so everything grows slower. It gives the food a more distinct taste.
Fredrik Lundgren, Chef on Arctic Haute Route
Northern Food Revolution! – Norwegian Adventure Company

Nothing grows fast in the cold. Slow growth and a harsh climate have an affect on the animals, organisms and plants that live there. The best chefs claim that the flavours are both more distinctive and purer at the same time. An Arctic kitchen is more minimalist. It’s a place where "less is more" when it comes to cooking techniques, where you taste the flavours in the raw material itself and in how the ingredients are combined.

Northern Food Revolution! – Norwegian Adventure Company

Since 2018 we’ve been on a journey of discovery through Northern Norway with Gunnar Hvarnes and Innovation Norway Nordland to develop Arctic Adventure Cuisine. This is a journey through the counties of Nordland, Troms and Finnmark, with over 30 small and large raw material producers from the mountains, fjords, sea and land of the region.

Northern Food Revolution! – Norwegian Adventure Company
Arctic Adventure Cuisine

ur food concept and menus evolve through three distinct culinary seasons - winter, summer and autumn. Arctic Adventure Cuisine is an integral part of all our experiences or can be offered as a distinct concept for food lovers.

​Corporate event with an Arctic twist? – Norwegian Adventure Company

​Corporate event with an Arctic twist?

We also offer our Arctic Adventure Cuisine with world-class chefs, to companies requiring speciality cuisine as an important part of their corporate event, whether it be conferences, anniversaries, Christmas parties, launches etc. These corporate events can be as part of a group experience aboard one of our ships or at one of our destinations.

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