Booking Terms & Conditions

This agreement describes and regulates general terms and conditions between Norwegian Adventure Company AS (NAC / we) as tour operator, and the person / persons who enter into an agreement with NAC in accordance with the booking confirmation (guest / guests). The agreement can apply to both individual products and package tours.

General Information

NAC (tour operator)

Norwegian Adventure Company (NAC), Parkgata 12B, N-8300 Svolvær, registered company number 991941495, is responsible for all bookings and transactions made through the company's website, booking options or by payment of an invoice sent by NAC. As the seller, NAC has responsibility to the guest for what the guest is entitled to in accordance with the agreement. As the organiser, NAC is obliged to send written confirmation of the order to the guest, as well as other necessary travel documents. NAC is only responsible for the journey as described by NAC. Should agreements be made between a third party and the buyer, the agreement must be made in writing. All customer data is stored in accordance with Norwegian law and no personal data will be sold to a third party. 

NAC subcontractors (third parties)

NAC is responsible for subcontractors being paid for what the guest has ordered through NAC. Subcontractors are responsible for their part of the programme, including comprehensive insurance, permits, equipment, safety assessments, staffing and other elements, and for always complying with the laws and regulations applicable to the subcontractor.  

Lead guest and guests

The lead guest is responsible for ensuring that all guests in the travel party are made aware of the conditions given in this document. The lead guest must be at least 18 years old at the time of the order. On several of NAC's experiences the minimum age limit is 16 years old when accompanied by an adult. For any guest below the age limit, a request must be made to NAC in writing before booking and will be considered against the type of experience to be booked. The guest is responsible for showing up at the correct time, date and place to carry out the agreement, as well as informing in writing of any changes and/or adaptations. The lead guest is responsible for providing necessary and correct information to NAC in accordance with NAC's written communicated requirements. 


The agreement refers to the mutual obligations between guest and provider that arise once the order confirmation is available.


When is a reservation binding?

A reservation is binding as soon as a booking reference has been assigned to the guest, and any required deposit has been paid. It is the guest's responsibility to check that the arrival and departure date as well as other relevant details for the booking are correct. 

Payment terms

Our payment service provider is responsible for credit card numbers and codes being handled in a secure manner in accordance with the requirements defined in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). 

 All prices are stated in Norwegian kroner (NOK). Payment can be made by card (debit and credit), as well as Vipps for Norwegian guests. Invoices are offered on request for groups of more than 10 people. 

 Once you have received confirmation of your order, payment will be due as follows: 

 - If you book 90 days or more before the planned travel date, you pay a 10% deposit. If payment is made by card, this is done at the time of the order, or if by invoice, the due date is within 10 days of the order. 

- The remaining 90% of the trip is due 90 days before your planned travel date. 

- If you book less than 90 days before your planned departure date, you pay the full amount at the time of booking. 

Price changes

We reserve the right to change the price of unsold travel arrangements at any time and to correct errors in the prices of confirmed travel. You will be informed of the current price of the travel arrangement you wish to book before your order is confirmed and the agreement is entered into. We also reserve the right to increase the price of confirmed travel arrangements solely to allow for increases that are a direct consequence of changes in: 

a) the price of the guest transport due to changes in pricing of fuel or other energy sources 

b) the level of fees, taxes or charges payable for services applicable to the travel arrangement 

c) exchange rates relative to the travel arrangement. 

Such changes may include, but are not limited to, changes in airline charges included in our contracts with the airlines (and their agents) and other transport providers. 

You will be charged the amount of any increase in accordance with this provision. If this means that the price of your travel arrangement (excluding insurance premiums, change fees and/or additional services or travel arrangements) increases by more than 8%, this is considered a significant change and you have the options described under significant changes to the agreement.

Cancellation, changes and refunds

The cancellation and changes conditions are relative to the financial risk in each product. We recommend that you read through carefully and that you have travel insurance suitable to the product you wish participate in; and which covers your expenses if something unforeseen prevents you from participating. 

All change requests and cancellations must be made in writing to  unless there is a change option directly in the booking system for the specific product. Always remember to quote the order reference in correspondence with NAC. 

Trips and products ordered at a promotional price are not refundable. 


If the guest wishes to change the travel arrangements after the trip has been confirmed, we will try to accommodate the request, but cannot guarantee that this will be possible. 

Change requests must be made in writing by the customer. An administrative fee of NOK 500 per person will apply to all products with a duration of more than one day. Additional costs directly incurred by third parties (i.e. airlines charge fees for ticket changes) will be added, these generally increase closer to the travel date. If the change results in cancellation and re-ordering of certain elements in the package, this cost will be charged to the guest. 

Day trip - up to one day's duration

Examples of products: sea eagle safaris, fishing trips, kayaking and surfing. 

Change fee 

According to our subcontractors. 

Cancellation by guest 

No. of days/hours before the day trip 



14 days or more 


No fee or according to the subcontractors' terms 

48 hours or more 

50 % 


48 hours or less 



Coastal cruise – two-day duration (or longer) on NAC ships

Example of products; Arctic Haute Route and Lofoten Coastal Cruise. 


Examples: cabin category, name of guest, sailing date and similar. 

Cancellation by guest 

Days prior to the first day of the experience 



180 days or more 


10% non-refundable deposit 

150 to 179 days 


60% of total amount 

120 to 149 days 


80 % of total amount   

90 to 119 days 


90 % of total amount   

Less than 90 days 


100 % of total amount 

Product or event at a specific location – two-day duration or more

Example of product: Weekend summit tour in Lofoten, Arctic and coastal tour, Lofoten RAW, Tromsø RAW, Svalbard RAW, Bergen & The Fjords RAW 

The cancellation terms and conditions are relative to the financial risk we have in the product. We recommend that you read through carefully and have travel insurance that covers your expenses if something unforeseen prevents you from participating.  


Examples: room category, name of guest, date and similar. 

Cancellation by guest 

Days prior to the first day of the experience 


Payment/Cancellation fees 

180 days or more 


10% non-refundable deposit 

150 to 179 days 


50% of total amount  

120 to 149 days 


70% of total amount 

90 to 119 days 


90 % of total amount  

Less than 90 days 


100 % of total amount 

General conditions

We always do our utmost to deliver the best possible experience for our guests. There will still be instances where we must make changes, as our experiences are made up of components from various suppliers. If one of our subcontractors cannot deliver as agreed, we will seek to replace the current product with an equivalent product of the same standard. We will do our best to notify the guest in writing of any changes as soon as practicable. We will not be liable to the guest for minor changes. 

Significant changes to the agreement

If there are significant changes to the event because of conditions NAC has control over, or a price increase of at least 8%, the guest will be able to choose one of the options below:  

(a) change the travel arrangement to another travel arrangement if we can offer this. This can be both changing the date and keeping the product or event or changing both the product and event. If the alternative travel arrangement is of equivalent or higher quality, you do not have to pay more. If the alternative travel arrangement is of lower quality, you will be refunded the price difference.  

(b) cancel your travel arrangement and receive a full refund of all amounts paid to us under the Agreement. Any insurance premiums paid in accordance with and any change fees and/or additional services or travel arrangements are not refunded. Should you wish to cancel due to a price increase of 8% or more, you must exercise your right to do so within 7 days from the date of the invoice we send you showing the price increase. 

Should the price of the travel arrangement decrease due to changes in points (i) - (iii) above, you will be refunded the reduction. 

We also advise that travel arrangements are not always purchased in local currency and therefore any apparent changes in points (i) – (iii) above may still have no impact on the price of your travel arrangement. 

The price of your confirmed travel arrangement will not be changed closer than 30 days to departure. 

Accuracy of the product description

The description of your trip on the website, magazine/brochure and booking option for your travel arrangement may have been changed after publication, and the details and prices for the travel arrangement may therefore have been updated. Some hotel/ship facilities may no longer be available. Although the brochure contains pictures and descriptions of local wildlife or aurora borealis, sightings are not guaranteed. 

Special conditions

Force Majeur  

Unless otherwise expressly stated in the booking conditions, we will not be liable to pay compensation if our contractual obligations are affected by force majeure events ("unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances"), which means any event beyond our control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken. Examples of such events are warfare and acts of terrorism (and threats thereof), civil war, significant dangers to human health such as outbreaks of serious illness at the destination (i.e. pandemics such as Covid), or natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes or extreme weather conditions, which make it impossible to travel safely to or stay at the destination, actions taken by state or other national or local authorities including port or river authorities, labour disputes, strikes, lockout natural disasters, nuclear accidents, fire, chemical or biological accidents, unavoidable technical problems with transport, and any similar events beyond our or the involved supplier's control. 

Insurance, compensation and guarantees

NAC is not responsible for compensation if guests cannot complete the journey as planned for whatever reason. In the event of illness, loss of or damage to luggage, accident, liability for damages and the like, we recommend that all our customers take out good insurance policies (travel insurance) before the trip. For our active tours, summit skiing, hiking, cycling, climbing, glacier hiking, etc., we recommend our customers take out extended activity insurance from their insurance company.  

We also encourage our guests to check that they have valid insurance that covers all personal needs, including pre-existing medical conditions, cancellation fees, medical expenses and repatriation in the event of accident or illness. 

Compensation for defects 

If there are defects in the product, i.e. a significant difference between how the product is described in the product information and what is delivered by NAC, a reasonable price discount will be given to the guest. If the guest discovers such a situation, it must be communicated in writing to NAC as quickly as is realistically possible. This only applies when the deficiency is due to conditions over which NAC should have control. NAC does not offer price reductions for defects due to Force Majeure or when the guest themself is to blame for the defect. 

The Travel Guarantee Fund

Norwegian Adventure Company is a member of the Norwegian travel guarantee scheme, the Reisegarantifondet (The Travel Guarantee Fund), which, depending on the circumstances, will provide you with cover in the unlikely event that Norwegian Adventure Company becomes insolvent. The Travel Guarantee Fund has the registered organisation no. 975 421 333. Inquiries to the fund can be made by standard post (Reisegarantifondet, PO Box 1807 Vika, 0123 Oslo, Norway, e-mail: Further information can be found on the Travel Guarantee Fund's website ( ). When you book a package tour or a combined tour with NAC as a private person, you are covered by the Travel Guarantee Fund as a starting point. If you order anything other than a package or combined tour from us, you will not be covered by the Travel Guarantee Fund. For companies and corporate events separate agreements apply. Please contact us if you need further information. 

Special conditions 

Special adaptations

NAC's aim is to deliver inclusive experiences for everyone, this also includes people with reduced mobility and other challenges. Nevertheless, not all our products are adapted to people with mobility challenges as safety considerations will always be our top priority. Please read the product information carefully to see if the product has the necessary adaptation required. Contact NAC if you have questions about whether a product can be customised. 

Special adaptations on ships

All products where a boat is used must meet safety requirements set by international, European, national legislation or the ship's flag state. Furthermore, the ship's limitations must be followed, including safety requirements related to the passengers' suitability to stay on board. Suitability will always be measured based on an emergency scenario and whether the ship safeguards people with special needs, and that that passengers' health condition and behaviour do not jeopardize their own safety or that of others. It is the ship used in each product that determines whether people with a need for special adaptations can participate. Information regarding this should be found in the product information for each product. If this information is unclear, or questions regarding the guest's needs are not described, please contact NAC. 


We reserve the right to request passengers to provide a medical certificate as documentation of their ability to participate in the travel arrangement. We can then assess whether the safety of the passenger is adequately safeguarded in accordance with applicable international, European, national or flag state legislation. If we deem it necessary, we also have the right to demand that the passenger hand in a health questionnaire before participating in the event.  

Our right 

If ; the captain of the ship, lead guide, host or our designated medical representative, for safety or medical reasons, or any other formal reason, believes that, despite reasonable efforts, a passenger is unfit to travel, is likely to pose a safety risk, or is likely to be refused/will not be allowed to disembark/participate in tours in any port on the journey, or will likely make us responsible for the maintenance, support or repatriation of the passenger, then both we and the above are entitled to: 

(i) Refuse permission for the Guest to embark at any port  

(ii) Disembark the Guest in any port 

(iii) Transfer the guest to another berth or cabin 

(iv) If our designated medical representative deems it appropriate, to place or restrict the guest's freedom of movement or to transfer the guest to a health care facility in any port at the guest's own expense and risk 

(v) Provide first aid, medicine or other support given that the NAC representative and/or captain believes that such steps are necessary. 

If a guest is refused boarding/or participation on a trip for safety reasons and/or lack of fitness to travel, neither NAC nor the ship will be responsible for any losses or expenses the guest incurs as a result, and the guest has no claim for compensation from NAC or the ship. Regarding guests with reduced mobility, please see below.  

Reduced mobility 

Guests who require assistance and/or have special requests or require special facilities or equipment regarding accommodation, seating or services, or need to bring medical equipment on board, must notify us of this when booking. 


We strongly recommend that pregnant women consult a doctor before travelling with us in all phases of pregnancy. Pregnant women who are in the 23rd week of pregnancy or earlier on the last day of travel must present a doctor's certificate as documentation of their fitness to travel. For safety reasons, the ship cannot carry pregnant guests who are in the 24th week of pregnancy (or later) on the last day of the voyage. 

Timings and possible delays

Stated times for departures are only estimates and cannot always be guaranteed, even if they appear on the tickets. Changes may occur due to government requirements, weather conditions, maintenance or technical reasons or the guests' ability to check in and board on time. Certain delays cannot be avoided, but in such situations we will, in co-operation with our local agents or representatives, try to ensure your comfort for as long as the delay lasts. 

Passport, visa and immigration requirements

t is your responsibility to check and meet the passport, visa, health and immigration requirements applicable to your trip. For example, a passport for Norwegian guests visiting Svalbard is also required on departure. We can only give you general information about such matters. You must check the requirements that apply to your own situation with the relevant embassies and/or consulates and your own doctor if necessary. Current requirements may change, and you should check the updated situation well in advance of departure.   

Most countries now require that your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the planned return date of your trip. If your passport expires in less than a year, you should check with the embassy of the country you will be visiting. For journeys in the EEA, you must apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to be issued before your departure. For further information visit 

Updated travel advice and health recommendations (including recommended vaccines) can be obtained from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by visiting 

Home - as well as links available on this website. 

Travellers without a Norwegian passport, including other EEA citizens, must consult with the embassy or consulate of the country(s) they will be travelling to/through for information on passport and visa requirements.  

We do not accept responsibility if you cannot travel or incur any other losses as a result of your not meeting any passport, visa or immigration requirements or health recommendations. You also agree that you will reimburse us for any fines or other costs that we incur because of your failure to comply with such requirements and recommendations. 

Complaint procedure

If a problem arises during or in connection with the travel arrangement, you must immediately report this on board the ship, or to the NAC contact person on that travel arrangement, or to the relevant airline, ground crew, hotel manager or other supplier, so that they can immediately begin to resolve any issues. If a problem cannot be resolved at the relevant time, and you therefore wish to complain to us, you must send us a full written description within 28 days of your return home. You are also obliged, as far as possible, to limit losses and inconveniences you may suffer as a result of the impaired relationship. If you fail to take one or more of such actions, this will affect our ability to resolve your problem and/or to investigate it fully. As a result of this, any right you might otherwise have to compensation depending on the circumstances will disappear or be significantly reduced. 

Refusal of a complaint concerning a package tour that is covered by the Act on package tours and travel guarantees can be brought before The Package Travel Board (Pakkereisenemda). In regard to this refer to The Package Travel Board’s website

Decisions made by The Package Travel Board can be brought before the Norwegian courts as specified below. 

Where the port of embarkation for your sailing is in the European Economic Area ("EEA"), any complaints related to EU Regulation No. 1177/2010 on guests' rights on sea voyages or voyages in inland waters of 24 November 2010 must be sent to us in writing at the latest 2 months after returning home or the date on which the relevant complaint-entitled service was delivered. We will give you a final answer within 2 months. You must provide us with full details so that it is possible for us to process your complaint. If you wish to appeal our decision, you can appeal to the Transport Complaints Board

or other national complaints body that are competent to process complaints related to your sailing. Decisions made by the Transport Complaints Board can be brought before the Norwegian courts as specified below. 

Liability for damages according to the Convention on the Carriage of Guests and their Luggage by Sea of 1974 and as amended in 1976 (the "Athens Convention") or EU Regulation No. 392/2009 on carriers' liability for damages in the event of accidents in accordance with transport of guests by sea ("EU regulation 392/2009"), including claims in connection with the death or injury of a guest or disappearance and damage to luggage, expire within two years from the time of disembarkation or the time when disembarkation should have taken place and otherwise according to the rules in the Athens Convention art. 16. 

Any dispute that may arise in connection with the Contract, including disputes regarding the existence or validity of the Contract, shall be settled by the courts in Norway. When it comes to complaints that can be dealt with by appeal to us or to the appeals bodies described above, these appeal options must be fully used before a legal case can be instituted in the courts and provided that the conditions for this are otherwise met. 


We are keen to create sustainable experiences in interaction with the local environment, nature and together with our guests and partners. Read more about NAC and sustainability on our website

Experiences for everyone

NAC is concerned with inclusivity and wants to create experiences that have a positive effect for everyone. If you, as a guest, or someone in your travel group has challenges that require special adaptations, contact us! 

We will do our utmost to adapt our experiences in relation to our guests' needs. If it is not possible with the current products, guests can give us the necessary input, so that we can offer this in the longer term. 

Privacy and data protection (GDPR)

Only personal data necessary for carrying out the travel arrangement is collected by NAC. When completing your booking, you will be asked if you want to receive other offers and information from NAC, and you can tick to accept this if you wish. Certain information such as allergies may be shared with subcontractors where it is relevant for the implementation of the travel arrangement. Implementation may also require the sharing of information between NAC and the guest before and after the travel arrangement. No information will be sold to third parties. In addition to the above, data is processed in accordance with EU/EEA regulations, as well as Norwegian legislation. 

Guest reviews

Once the experience has taken place our guests’ feedback is very important to us. This allows us to continually improve our products and services. After your experience, you will receive a guest survey by SMS or email, which we hope you’ll have the opportunity to answer. If you could also give us a "review" on our TripAdvisor profile, we would greatly appreciate this. Thank you in advance for helping us improve. 

Photos and promotion

NAC reserves the right to collect photographic material when carrying out NAC experiences and tours. Photo material may be used in social media and smaller campaigns to promote NAC's products. The guest has the right to refrain from being photographed by ticking the box shown within the order. 

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