Historical, charming and tasty

Known as the former Viking capital of Norway, Trondheim today is a pulsating, colourful and Norway’s third, largest city.

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Historical, charming and tasty – Norwegian Adventure Company

Trondheim is the ultimate culinary experience and recently awarded European Region of Gastronomy. With a wide selection of local Michelin Star restaurants, delectable eateries, local microbreweries, you won’t run out of options.

There is a strong culture for mixing locally sourced ingredients with bright new ideas, so if you like to experience Norway’s foodie destination number one, explore Trondheim!

Historical, charming and tasty – Norwegian Adventure Company

Embark on the pilgrimage to Nidarosdomen Cathedral, a true icon of the city, that draws people in huge numbers from all over the world. Embrace Trondheim’s spiritual side with a boat trip to Munkholmen (Monks’ Island) or discover the many outdoor options hiking, biking or fishing at the fjord. But most important, make sure to experience Trondheim elegantly, at the historic, 5-star, Britannia Hotel (below). Trondheim awaits!

Historical, charming and tasty – Norwegian Adventure Company Historical, charming and tasty – Norwegian Adventure Company Historical, charming and tasty – Norwegian Adventure Company Historical, charming and tasty – Norwegian Adventure Company

If you would like to experience Norway’s number one culinary hotspot, Trondheim is the destination of choice. It has become the culinary home to exploring Nordic flavors.

10 reasons to visit Trondheim – Norwegian Adventure Company
Why Trondheim?

10 reasons to visit Trondheim

  1. A sustainable adventure

  2. Norway's Number one foodie destination

  3. Enjoy fjords, fishing, and ski slopes near the city

  4. Britannia Hotel – Norway's historic 5-star, luxury hotel

  5. Activities at the Trondheimsfjord

  6. Local culinary and microbreweries

  7. Tailored activities

  8. Røros, UNESCO, world heritage site

  9. Stiklestad, Viking heritage site

  10. Luxury experiences and adventures

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