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In the heart of Lofoten – in the centre of the adventures

This central location on Vestvågøy - in the heart of Lofoten – has made Stamsund the ideal starting point for those looking for versatile experiences.

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In the heart of Lofoten – in the centre of the adventures – Norwegian Adventure Company

Why visit Stamsund

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Magical colours

Observe the splendour and magical colours of the Northern Lights. Late autumn and winter, the Northern Lights attract people from all over the world who come to marvel at this unpredictable light show/phenomenon as it plays out over Vestfjorden.

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Room with a view

In Stamsund unwind in large, beautiful apartments with panoramic views where you can follow the light from sunrise to sunset. Take time to enjoy the tranquillity of the terrace or jump into the sea from your own balcony.

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Perfect base for Summit Tours

If you want to explore Lofoten from summit-to-shore and visit incredible peaks with 360-degree views, Stamsund is a superb starting point.

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Chance of a great catch

Try authentic, traditional fishing. It’s not uncommon to catch fish of around 30 kg here, so this is the perfect place to try your luck!

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Midnight sun

Light all night! In Stamsund you’ll enjoy the midnight sun.

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Along the Lotofen Wall by jet-ski

If you want to explore the Lofoten Wall from the most mind-blowing position, try in the sea by jet-ski. Stamsund gives you this extraordinary opportunity.

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Wildlife in the fjords

Be fascinated by the wildlife in the Vestfjorden; whales, sea eagles and a variety of seabirds can be spotted in these areas.

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Lofotens best mountain biking

With Stamsund as a starting point, you’ll find the very best mountain bike trails in the whole of Lofoten

In Stamsund you’re at the heart of the experiences.

Relax and enjoy the tranquillity of the terrace in the large, comfortable apartments we have available, or go on great adventures high in the mountains or down in the sea. Working with local experts we use Stamsund as a base from which to offer easy or demanding hiking tours, always with spectacular views of the fjord and mountains. Climbing, mountain biking, ski touring, jet-skis, fishing trips and beach hog are other alternative activities.

The central location on Vestvågøy - in the middle of Lofoten - has made Stamsund the ideal starting point for those seeking multi-option experiences. The short distance from the airport in Leknes and the frequent Hurtigruten sailings make it easy to get to reach Stamsund and all it has to offer.

In Stamsund you can savor really good meals prepared with the freshest ingredients from Vestfjorden and enjoy a glass of something cold at one of the pubs in the harbour. If you’ve caught your own fish why not prepare it in your apartment kitchen and take pleasure in eating it while watching the midnight sun.

Arctic surf. A short drive away from Stamsund lies Unstad, which, due to the very special conditions, has become one of the world's leading destinations for cold water surfing.

Surfers from all over the world come to experience Arctic surfing at this remarkable spot. For those who would like to try we can organise sessions with skilled instructors and rental gear.

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