Alpine destination between fjord and mountain

Narvik is a fantastic starting point for various active experiences north of the Arctic Circle; mountain hiking, mountain biking, climbing Norway's national mountain; Stetind, dog sledding, and alpine tours.

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One of Norway's most beautiful train journeys, the Arctic Train, starts in Narvik. Here you can hop off at Riksgrensen for ski touring or follow the historic Rallarveien trail on foot, from the Swedish border in the east to the fjords in the west.

Narvikfjellet is one of Norway's most spectacular ski resorts, with excellent conditions for off-piste skiing. According to Outside Online magazine, Narvikfjellet is one of the top 10 undiscovered ski resorts in Europe.

Narvik has Europe's most spectacular ski resort, where you can experience one of Norway's finest train journeys with the Arctic Train to Riksgrensen for hiking or ski touring. An exciting combination of opportunities!

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