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Outstanding, authentic & motivational experiences

Arctic and Coastal Norway provides an incredible environment for both professional and social gatherings.

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Corporate and groups

Arctic & Coastal Norway is always a good idea!

With world-acclaimed stunning nature, we dare to say that Arctic & Coastal Norway is always a good idea

Outstanding, authentic & motivational experiences – Norwegian Adventure Company
Outstanding, authentic & motivational experiences – Norwegian Adventure Company
Outstanding, authentic & motivational experiences – Norwegian Adventure Company

Take your next corporate or group event to Norway’s own Arctic back garden, it’s equally impressive in summer as in winter. Within 3 hours travel time from Gardermoen airport you are in the centre of rugged northern Norwegian nature. From initial planning, to implementation we’ll put together an itinerary merging experiences, adventures, unique workspaces and social time to make your event a huge/outstanding success.

Bring employees or clients on an experience of a lifetime; build relationships and bonds and create inspiration and memories that everyone can bring back to their working environment. In our experience communication and group dynamics become something completely different when you are away from the workplace, and this is amplified with shared experiences in beautiful nature.

We are specialists in designing and delivering tailor-made events to suit our customers' work ethos, requirements and budget. Working closely with you we’ll find the experiences and adventures that best suits your group or business.

Arctic & Coastal Norway nature is world-acclaimed. Bring your next event to the north to see why it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world!
Why Arctic & Coastal Norway

The best place for unique group and corporate events!

Norwegian Adventure Company

Stunning Arctic & Coastal Norway Nature

You can travel far and wide and still not find anywhere as beautiful as Arctic & Coastal Norway, there is no setting more stunning for corporate and group events.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Unique, active adventures

Summer or winter - Arctic & Coastal Norway is a paradise for unique, active adventures that build relationships, give inspiration and create shared memories.

Norwegian Adventure Company

The fjords

Sailing in the fjords in Arctic & Coastal Norway, winter or summer time is always exceptional. The dramatic contrasts between the fjord and the mountains provide a perfect backdrop for sightseeing, kayaking, fishing adventures or fjord cruises.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Midnight sun

Add an extra element and hold your event during the bright months of the year when your group can marvel at the midnight sun and perpetually light northern Norwegian summer nights.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Local culture & history

Combine business and leisure with the best that Arctic & Coastal Norway can offer in art, culture, literature and history.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Authentic fishing villages

Be based in authentic fishing villages such as Svolvær, Stamsund, Henningsvær or Reine. Fantastic settings for unique and authentic experiences.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Local culinary expertise

Dine on local delicacies in fascinating surroundings or experience Arctic Adventure Cuisine, developed by Bocuse d’Or chef Gunnar Hvarnes using the best local produce from the region.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Board meeting under the Northern Lights

Head north for your next group or corporate event and let the Northern Lights illuminate and intrigue you.

What we offer

Tailor-made events at unique destinations

For many years we worked in private business and the public sector as managers and buyers of experiences and events. With experience over the last ten years as directors of our own adventure and events company, we can fully understand and appreciate your event or meeting requirements. We offer professional guidance, full implementation and unforgettable events.

Norwegian Adventure Company

For companies

Leadership meetings, board meetings, strategy meetings, customer trips, company trips, incentive trips, conferences, seminars and events.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Family tours

Gather all the family; grandparents, parents and children for the most unforgettable family adventure ever - experience Arctic & Coastal Norway together!

Norwegian Adventure Company

Weekend with the boys

Plan this year’s boy's trip to the northern Norwegian alps; ski, bike, surf, hunt or just hang out in the world's coolest fishing village – the options are endless

Norwegian Adventure Company

Weekend with the girls

How about choosing Lofoten instead of Livorno, Andørja over Andermatt or Kvaløya rather than Kitzbühel? Arctic & Coastal Norway alpine holidays are something incredibly special; experience Arctic Norway’s art, culture and culinary delights or explore the region on foot, bike or ski!

Norwegian Adventure Company


Whether it’s a special birthday, anniversary or other occasion you want to celebrate surrounded by good friends and family, you’ll remember your Arctic & Coastal Norway celebration for the rest of your life!

Norwegian Adventure Company


Want to surprise someone with an extraordinary experience? We’ll create an unforgettable surprise for them based on your budget and wishes.

We know Arctic & Coastal Norway – Norwegian Adventure Company

We know Arctic & Coastal Norway

We come from Arctic & Coastal Norway and have many years of experience with different types of events and activities in the region. Hotels, cabin resorts and restaurants are handpicked, along with many different activities and experiences. With our help, we can find you the places that suit your budget and your group or company profile.

Outstanding, authentic & motivational experiences – Norwegian Adventure Company

Norwegian Adventure Company organise different types of events in Arctic & Coastal Norway. Our services include:

  • Customised itineraries for groups or business trips

  • Corporate events with a good balance of professional and social time

  • Local culinary experiences in unique surroundings

  • Finding and booking hotels

  • Booking flights and transport

  • Finding restaurants and event venues

  • Organising conferences and meeting rooms

  • Teambuilding activities

  • Find speakers and entertainment

  • Organise professional visits

  • Local dining experiences; Arctic Adventure Cuisine

  • Social & festivities

  • Technology, film and photography

  • Project management

  • Hosts and guides

Anything else you’d like help with, don't hesitate to ask!


Where do you want to go?

Lofoten  The world’s most beautiful archipelago. – Norwegian Adventure Company

Lofoten The world’s most beautiful archipelago.

Lofoten is known for its stunning mountains, deep fjords, great fishing and idyllic fishing villages. Experience the light, with the midnight sun in the summer and the Northern Lights in the winter. Hike, ski, bike or view this region and its’ islands from the deck of a ship.

The Arctic Alps – Norwegian Adventure Company

The Arctic Alps

With fantastic mountain cliffs rising out of the deep blue fjords, this place really is one of the most impressive mountain range in Norway.

Adventure heaven – Norwegian Adventure Company

Adventure heaven

Senja is a heavenly kingdom of mountains, fjords, beaches, with infinite opportunities for great nature adventures.

The jewel of the north – Norwegian Adventure Company

The jewel of the north

Svalbard is utterly unique and this group of islands lie far to the north. We’d love to show you the best that this Arctic treasure has to offer.

One of Lofoten’s most popular fishing villages – Norwegian Adventure Company

One of Lofoten’s most popular fishing villages

Go to Henningsvær to experience the unique atmosphere of a fishing village which combines an international vibe with history and charm.

In the heart of Lofoten – in the centre of the adventures – Norwegian Adventure Company

In the heart of Lofoten – in the centre of the adventures

This central location on Vestvågøy - in the heart of Lofoten – has made Stamsund the ideal starting point for those looking for versatile experiences.

The essence of the Arctic – Norwegian Adventure Company
Arctic Haute Route

The essence of the Arctic

The Arctic Haute Route runs along the Atlantic coast between Lofoten and Tromsø, to some of the finest islands in Arctic & Coastal Norway. Lofoten, Vesterålen (summer), Andørja (winter), Senja and Tromsø are places you’ll experience along the way. We call it the essence of the Arctic.

Uniquely beautiful – Norwegian Adventure Company

Uniquely beautiful

Reine will take your breath away, with dramatic mountains which rise straight out of the sea.

Lofoten’s capital – Norwegian Adventure Company

Lofoten’s capital

This fishing village offers an urban feel, great culinary experiences and is a superb starting point for adventures in the striking beautiful nature of the region.

A scenic archipelago in the north – Norwegian Adventure Company

A scenic archipelago in the north

A playground for kayaking, mountain hikes and stunning nature adventures. Perfect for those searching for tranquillity.

Northern Europe's most mountainous island – Norwegian Adventure Company

Northern Europe's most mountainous island

Andørja is Northern Europe's most mountainous island with eleven peaks over 1000 metres. The highest of them, Langlitinden, is Norway’s highest island peak at 1276 metres above sea level.

Tromsø’s lovely backyard – Norwegian Adventure Company

Tromsø’s lovely backyard

Massive mountain ranges, fjords and viewing points with unbelievable 360 degree panoramic views.

The Arctic capital – Norwegian Adventure Company

The Arctic capital

A town full of culture, history and a perfect place from which to access fabulous nature experiences and wonder at the Arctic light; both the midnight sun and the Northern Lights.

A well-kept secret – Norwegian Adventure Company

A well-kept secret

Located on a peninsula surrounded by fjords and located not far from Norway’s second largest glacier, Svartisen. Bodø is an Arctic wonderland and great starting place from which to discover Arctic & Coastal Norway.


World class Arctic & Coastal Norway experiences

Norwegian Adventure Company


Bike from fishing village to fishing village in beautiful Lofoten

Norwegian Adventure Company

Golf under the midnight sun

Play golf in the light of day or with sunglasses at midnight, in Arctic & Coastal Norway you can do both!

Norwegian Adventure Company


Arctic & Coastal Norway is an ‘eldorado’ for spectacular hikes for all ability levels. And the scenery; world class!

Norwegian Adventure Company

The big fishing-adventure

Whether you want to try traditional Lofoten fishing or ‘catch and release’ in deeper waters, you can have great fishing experiences in Arctic & Coastal Norway.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Ski-touring from summit to sea

Getting to the summit with ocean views on all sides is something totally unique. In Arctic & Coastal Norway, the trips start and end at the shoreline.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Snowshoe in the mountains

With snowshoes, you can experience Arctic & Coastal Norway's majestic mountains even in winter.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Rib and sea eagle safari

Experience Arctic & Coastal Norway's fjords, mountains and majestic wildlife by fast rib; with sea eagles and whales as the highlights.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Kayaking along the Lofoten Wall

Not experienced paddling between snow-covered mountains in Arctic fjords? Although there is changeable weather in the north, we always find a calm place with the opportunity to paddle a sea kayak in azure blue seas alongside white, northern Norwegian beaches reminiscent of the Caribbean. Give it a try!

Norwegian Adventure Company

Arctic Surfing

Surf's up in Arctic & Coastal Norway! This is one of the world's northernmost cold-water spots for surfing. You don't have to be an expert to experience the pleasure of surfing in the north.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Mountain biking

Mountain biking in Arctic & Coastal Norway is incredible. We guarantee high pulse trips that start and end at the shoreline.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Glacier walking

There is something wild, pristine and fascinating about glaciers. Only a handful still exist, but in Arctic & Coastal Norway you will find Svartisen, Norway's second largest glacier. Explore the glacier on a hiking tour or make a fjord cruise to the base of it.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Dog sledding

Tromsø and Alta are the mecca for dog sledding lovers. Fully experience the winter weather and the wonderful Arctic & Coastal Norway light that you find on dog runs north of the Arctic Circle.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Local culinary expertise

Experience the best Arctic & Coastal Norway has to offer - also on the plate!

Norwegian Adventure Company

Northern Lights Hunt

Between October-March there is a fair chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis. Go hunting!

Norwegian Adventure Company

Local arts and culture

Immerse yourself in local art and culture in beautiful, Arctic & Coastal Norway surroundings.

Norwegian Adventure Company


Get to know an important part of Lofoten's cultural heritage; an understanding of the Viking era at Borg and Lofoten's very special position nationally and internationally more than 1000 years ago.

Culinary experiences

Eat your way through Arctic & Coastal Norway, the Norwegian Tuscany!

Outstanding, authentic & motivational experiences – Norwegian Adventure Company
Outstanding, authentic & motivational experiences – Norwegian Adventure Company
Outstanding, authentic & motivational experiences – Norwegian Adventure Company
Outstanding, authentic & motivational experiences – Norwegian Adventure Company

We want you to taste some of the really good raw ingredients Arctic & Coastal Norway has to offer - from the deep fjords, mountains and farms. Through the meals served, we want to convey some of the local specialities in Arctic & Coastal Norway culture and traditions.

For groups or business trips, we partner with hand chosen local eateries or you can experience our food concept, Arctic Adventure Cuisine, developed by one of Norway's foremost culinary experts, Gunnar Hvarnes.

Whatever you choose; we hope you have a wonderful experience of the north - also on the plate!

How we work – Norwegian Adventure Company

How we work

From the initial enquiry our project managers and hosts work with you to tailor-make the experiences and events, assisting you throughout the process from first round requirement discussions to post-event evaluation. You have one point of contact; we are your local hosts and handle the liaison with all other suppliers to ensure that every detail is perfectly in place.

Precision matters to us and we know that "the devil is in the detail". We therefore take pride in the events we create and the high level of satisfaction we provide to our clients, many who return for new adventures and experiences. This is the criteria on which we judge our own success!

One size does not fit all.
The dream adventure starts here

We are creating days you'll remember!

Call us on +47 22 55 60 50 or send us an email with some thoughts on what you want out of your next trip and we’ll devise a plan that’s right for you. You can also use our contact form.

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