Ski touring weekend at charming Nes Gard

From 15 900 NOK p.p.


Welcome to one of Norway's premier ski touring destinations, Sognefjorden

Join us for a ski touring weekend to Sognefjorden and experience breathtaking scenery and exhilarating ski runs from mountain peaks, down the valley, and Après-ski by the fjord. We will have our base at charming Nes Gard, which is located close to Hurrungane, Jostedalen, and Sogndalsdalen, and offers diverse opportunities for ski touring.

We welcome skiers from beginners to experienced and offer ski rental and safety gear for those in need. The tours are led by IFMGA certified guides.

Base Nes Gard, Sognefjorden
Language English / Norwegian
Skill level Beginner to experienced skiiers
Duration 4 days, 3 nights
Guests Maximum of 30 guests
Dates 2025, dates TBD
Full board Local culinary experiences from the region
Price From 15 900,- per guest
Not included Transport, alcohol, and soft drinks
Terms and conditions See terms

This is included in the price

Duration 4 days
Accommodation 3 nights
Tailored ski tours
Certified guides
All meals included
Hosts from NAC
Après-ski and social activities

By Norway's longest fjord, you can immerse yourself in the country's finest ski touring areas, where you'll encounter the enchantment of skiing from majestic mountains to the tranquil fjords. Indulge in exceptional local cuisine and unwind in inviting social hangouts!

Ski Touring Weekend

8 great reasons to join us!

Norwegian Adventure Company


Norway is known for its magnificent fjords and mountains, and Sognefjorden is the longest among them. Here, you can stand atop peaks and gaze out over the fjord, or inward towards glaciers and mountains. The scenery is nothing short of breathtaking!

Norwegian Adventure Company


The snow in this area is truly exceptional! The cold air from the glaciers meets the mild air from the fjord, creating light and fluffy powder. Snow arrives early and stays late.

Norwegian Adventure Company


Your safety is our highest priority, and we use experienced, certified mountain guides who are happy to share their extensive knowledge of snow and terrain.

Norwegian Adventure Company


Nes Gard is the perfect base for your ski touring adventure. With views of the fjord and mountains, and fantastic tours right at your doorstep, enjoy yourself in the wine bar housed in the old pigsty, by the pier, or in the incredibly cozy living room.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Norway's longest fjord boasts nature that resembles a perfect painting, a long and intriguing history, charming local communities, farms, and cider production. It's magnificent, no matter the season!

Norwegian Adventure Company


We prioritize local culinary experiences from the region. At Nes Gard, you will savor fresh ingredients sourced from the surrounding unique pantry. We promise delicious local cuisine!

Norwegian Adventure Company


Aprés-ski with sauna, swimming, socializing, and a pleasant atmosphere, whether you're traveling alone, with your partner, colleagues, or friends. We guarantee a good time and pleasant vibe.

Norwegian Adventure Company


NAC organizes and facilitates trips for beginners to experienced skiers. Ski and avalanche equipment can be rented from us through our partners, Majesty Skis and Mammut. Our main goal is giving you a memory for life!



Ski touring in the area surrounding stunning Sognefjorden – Norwegian Adventure Company

Ski touring in the area surrounding stunning Sognefjorden

The area surrounding Sognefjorden is knows as one of the country's best ski touring areas. It is not uncommon to find untouched descents with 1000 meters of vertical drop, and the region enjoys a long season with consistently snowy and stable winters.

The terrain surrounding Sognefjorden is highly suitable for skiing, with precipitation from the west often falling as snow. Protected by the Jostedalsbreen glacier, the area experiences winters abundant in snowfall, and the mountainous region is less influenced by temperature fluctuations, providing snow-stable winters with often good conditions throughout the season.

SKI TOURING WEEKEND – Norwegian Adventure Company

Join us in exploring Hurrungane, Jostedalen, and Sogndalsdalen on skis!

SKI TOURING WEEKEND – Norwegian Adventure Company
SKI TOURING WEEKEND – Norwegian Adventure Company
SKI TOURING WEEKEND – Norwegian Adventure Company

Day 1

Welcome to Sognefjorden, Luster/Gaupne, and the charming Nes Gard! Nes Gard is located between Luster and Gaupne. NAC hosts and owners of Nes Gård, Marte and Anders, will greet you upon check-in starting at 3 PM.

Settle into your rooms, get comfortable, and make yourselves at home. The program will commence at 7 PM with information from the hosts, guides, and dinner. Get a good night's sleep before tomorrow's ski touring adventure!

SKI TOURING WEEKEND – Norwegian Adventure Company
SKI TOURING WEEKEND – Norwegian Adventure Company
SKI TOURING WEEKEND – Norwegian Adventure Company

Dag 2

First day of skiing! Breakfast will be served from 7:30 AM. At 8:45 AM, we will gather for a guide meeting to ensure everyone has what they need before we head out to the mountains for the day. The specific mountains will be decided by our certified guides the evening before, taking the weather conditions and avalanche risk into account.

We plan for tours lasting 4-6 hours. The pace and ascent depends on the group; this is about great skiing and having time to enjoy the views!

Upon returning to Nes Gard, the sauna will be heated, and cold refreshments and après-ski snacks will be available in the boathouse (Naustet). For those up for a challenge – try a swim in the fjord! After a few hours of après-ski, a delightful dinner will be served. The evening can be continued in the living room at Nes Gard or in the wine bar located in the old pigsty.

SKI TOURING WEEKEND – Norwegian Adventure Company
SKI TOURING WEEKEND – Norwegian Adventure Company
SKI TOURING WEEKEND – Norwegian Adventure Company

Day 3

We wake up at the magnificent Nes Gard and peek out the window to see if the weather forecast holds true. In the main house, coffee is ready, and breakfast is served from 7:30 AM. The routine is as yesterday, with a guide meeting at 8:45 AM before heading out on the day's ski touring.

After a delightful day of skiing, we return to Nes Gard, where the sauna is already warm. If the weather permits, there may be an outdoor bonfire and a silent disco on the pier.

The boathouse (Naustet) is open, offering the opportunity to taste various locally produced beverages from the region!

For dinner, you can expect a flavorful and exquisite three-course meal featuring one of the signature dishes from the West Coast of Norway.


SKI TOURING WEEKEND – Norwegian Adventure Company
SKI TOURING WEEKEND – Norwegian Adventure Company
SKI TOURING WEEKEND – Norwegian Adventure Company

Day 4

Ready for another day of skiing, with hopefully yet a day of breathtaking scenic viewpoints. The guides you know so well will lead the way and ensure yet a safe and fantastic ski touring! Breakfast is served from 7:30 AM. The tours will be tailored based on your desired departure time, whether you plan for a full day of skiing or a shorter excursion before heading home.

Please indicate your preferences for the day when making your booking.

Creating days to remember – Norwegian Adventure Company

Creating days to remember

Many of our guests return. We sincerily hope that this adventure has given you moments and memories you will look back on and cherish for a long time - perhaps even for life. Welcome back!


Charming and Authentic, with Sognefjorden, Jostedalen, Breheimen, and Sognefjellet as Neighbors

Nes Gard, nestled along one of the fjord arms of Sognefjorden. Its idyllic location showcases stunning views of the fjord. With a bar in the old boathouse, a sauna on the pier, a wine bar in the converted pigsty, and a banquet hall in the barn, everything is set for a social and enjoyable weekend. The accommodations are spread across various buildings on the farmstead, each offering its own unique charm. You can choose to stay in cozy units with a private living room and balcony, or smaller units with bedrooms and bathrooms. For a more modern experience, you can opt for The Fjord Mirror.

Prices and room categories

You can choose between the following categories

Room category and unit Description Price per guest
Unspecified Double Room (2 + 2 guests) Double room in a shared unit with two bedrooms, small living room and shared bathroom. The unspecified double room is smaller and with pitched roof. 15 900,-
Standard Double Room (2 guests) Double room with queen size bed or twin beds, private bathroom or in shared unit if you are a group of four people. Most units have fjord view. 16 900,-
Superior Double Room (2 guests) Bigger double rooms with seating area and private bathroom. Some of the units also have a small kitchen. Fjord view. 17 900,-
Single Room (1 + 1-2 guests) Single room in shared unit. Shared bathroom. 18 900,-
The Fjord Mirror (2 guests) The newest unit looking where all walls looks like mirrors from the outside, but windows from the inside.   Queen size bed, bathroom and a small kitchen. 19 900,-
Life by the fjord

Apès-ski, social hang-out and a pleasant atmosphere

There's something truly special about a ski touring weekend at Sognefjorden. The atmosphere at Nes Gard, the scent of the sea and fjord, and the breathtaking views that even the most well-traveled individuals can find awe-inspiring. A ski touring weekend is a blend of tranquility, snow-covered mountains, and incredible ascents, mixed with a healthy dose of social fun and a touch of wildness. Take a leap from the pier and dive straight into the fjord, where you can meet new people or hang out with your ski buddies. This is a place that welcomes people of all ages. During our trips, we share the same passion, regardless of age.

Level of difficulty

How difficult are the summit ski tours?

The most common questions we get asked is how tiring and long our summit ski tours are and how steep the descents are. This is not easy to answer as for each individual there is a different experience of what is deemed to be simple or demanding. Our guides will always seek to adjust according to the group, but as it is a group tour a certain level is expected. You will be out ski touring 5-8 hours a day, the speed is lower than skimo, we want you to enjoy the views. For the decents you must be able to ski in terrain with 25-30 degrees angle. Avalanche risk, snow conditions and weather will determine where we ski. To try to give guidance we have graded our tours on a scale from 1 to 5.​ Both Arctic Haute Route and Ski touring weekend is on level 3-5.

SKI TOURING WEEKEND – Norwegian Adventure Company
1 Up to 300 metres altitude Easy summit trip that everyone can master. You must have ski-touring gear, avalanche gear and a hiking bag.
2 Up to 500 metres altitude Summit trip for those with normal fitness. You must have ski-touring gear, avalanche gear and a hiking bag.
3 Up to 700 metres altitude A more strenuous summit trip, for those in normal to good condition. You must have ski-touring gear, avalanche gear and a hiking bag.
4 Up to 1000 metres altitude It is required that you are in good shape and that you regularly take long hikes. You must have ski-touring gear, avalanche gear and a hiking bag.
5 More than 1000 metres altitude It is required that you are in very good condition and that you are used to walking several days on hilly terrain. You must have ski-touring gear, avalanche gear and a hiking bag.
Equipment and packing list

What to pack for the tour

Pack your ski gear in a large ski bag where you also have room for boots, helmets, skis, etc., and a large North Face bag (waterproof 100-140 L is recommended) for the rest of your gear and clothing. You can take the hiking bag and any boots on board the aircraft.

Bring mountain gear and clothing for three days of trips, and casual outfits for travel, dinner and social occasions. The atmosphere on board is relaxed and the cabins are small, so make a capsule collection and leave your fancy clothes at home!

SKI TOURING WEEKEND – Norwegian Adventure Company
Recommended tour equipment – Norwegian Adventure Company
Ski touring rucksack (30 – 40 L)

Recommended tour equipment

  • Randonee /telemark ski/split board (ski-touring equipment can also be rented through our partner Majesty Skies)
  • Bindings for skis / boards
  • Crampons for skis
  • Avalanche equipment; beacon, probe and shovel (can also be rented through our partner Majesty Skies)
  • First aid box (with: Compeed plasters for rubbing, sports tape etc)
  • Thin gloves for the ascent, thicker gloves for the descent
  • Two hats (one thin hat for the ascent and one wool hat for the descent)
  • Wool underwear and socks
  • Helmet and goggles
  • Sunglasses and high factor sunscreen
  • Thin fleece jacket
  • Thin down jacket for cold days and rest breaks on the summits
  • Shell pants and jacket (wind and waterproof)
  • Small thermos for coffee, tea and hot water etc.
  • 2 water bottles of 1 - 1 1/2 litre
  • Small waterproof seating pad
Other things to take: – Norwegian Adventure Company
Large bag (100 – 140 L)

Other things to take:

  • Pack in a large, waterproof bag to keep clothes and equipment dry
  • Casual clothes for dinner and socialising; jeans, chinos, sweaters, shirts, fleeces
  • Thick down jacket for cold mornings and evenings on deck
  • Thick winter boots for snowy and cold days
  • Trainers or low Gore-Tex shoes that you use on board
  • Extra batteries for the beacon
  • Extra socks and sports underwear (wool) for 3 days of trips

Rental of ski-touring gear

If you don't have ski-touring gear, don't want to bring all the equipment on the plane, or maybe you want to test the “latest & greatest"? Working with Majesty Skies, we offer very affordable rental of ski-tour equipment from Majesty.

2-3 days 4 days 7 days
Package 1 Skis, skins and poles from Majesty Skis 2 500,- 2 800,- 3 800,-
Package 2 Boots, skis, skins and poles from Scarpa and Majesty Skis 3 200,- 3 500,- 4 600,-
Package 3 Avalanche tranceiver, probe, shovel, boots, skis, skins and poles 3 500,- 3 800,- 4 800,-
Package 4 Avalanche tranceiver, probe, shovel, skis, skins and poles (no boots) 3 000,- 3 400,- 4 500,-
Package 5 Avalanche tranceiver, probe and shovel from Mammut 500,- 600,- 700,-
SKI TOURING WEEKEND – Norwegian Adventure Company SKI TOURING WEEKEND – Norwegian Adventure Company SKI TOURING WEEKEND – Norwegian Adventure Company SKI TOURING WEEKEND – Norwegian Adventure Company

How to rent ski-touring equipment

E-mail with your booking and enter:

  1. Name and telephone number.

  2. Which package(s) you want to rent.

  3. Sailing date with Arctic Haute Route or other event/adventure.

  4. If package 1: Your height (then we choose the right ski length for you), your weight (to adjust the binding correctly), outside measurement of your boot (to adjust the binding).

  5. If package 2: Your height (then we choose the right ski length for you), your weight (to adjust the binding correctly), your shoe size or measurement of your foot in mm (we add 0,5 mm to find the correct size).

  6. If package 3: same information as package 2.

We will respond to your email within 5 working days to let you know if we have the equipment available on your needed dates. If we confirm the order, you will have the equipment delivered on board the ship on arrival or at the NAC event. Easy!

Note: Majesty Skis / Handelsgutane rents ski-touring equipment dependent upon availability. We cannot guarantee ski-touring equipment to all clients. Our advice is to reserve the equipment well in advance and at least two month before departure. In case we don't have your size or prefered equiptment in stock, we will give you feedback about this as soon as possible.

If you want a free fitting session in Oslo in advance of your next adventure, let us know in the email.

Norwegian Adventure Company


Some of our guests have concerns about security and safety factors; avalanche risk, danger in steep terrain, professionalism of the guides, general risk assessment of the trips and whether they can expect to be seasick. Below you will find information about these aspects of the trip.

Safety first. Always. – Norwegian Adventure Company

Safety first. Always.

Our guides on board are certified, with a great deal of experience. They are all professionals who guide hundreds of tours throughout the year, and have mastered the art in tailoring tours to suit different levels; from beginners to high level skiers.

The safety of our guests on tour is paramount. We focus on the joy of adventuring safely. Our goal is for you to have a wonderful ski-tour experience, with magnificent views and spectacular skiing from mountain to shoreline.

Mountains and routes are always chosen based on the current weather, snow and wind conditions, along with the guests' skiing ability and physical fitness level.

Our guides – Norwegian Adventure Company

Our guides

Our certified guides are highly qualified professionals with extensive knowledge of the mountain ranges that surround the coast of Arctic & Coastal Norway. All guides are mountain experts; skiing, climbing, glacier walking and handling of equipment. They are safety and avalanche trained according to international standards for mountain guides.

The guides are keen to share their knowledge and expertise about snow conditions, mountains and routes with the guests along the way, and are happy to discuss their evaluations. With certified guides controlling the tour risk assessment, it will be easier for our guests to enjoy views, scenery and free riding in the North.

Tours for different ability levels – Norwegian Adventure Company

Tours for different ability levels

Our certified guides facilitate tours for all levels of ability - from beginner and advanced to highly skilled summit tour enthusiasts. Our guides conduct meetings every night, going through maps, snow conditions and possible mountain options for the next day's tours with guests.

In this way we can ensure that you participate in a tour that best meets your expectations with unforgettable daily trips and travel.

Norwegian Adventure Company – Norwegian Adventure Company

Norwegian Adventure Company

You'll meet hosts from Norwegian Adventure Company, and guides from Norwegian Adventure Guides.


Sognefjorden and Nes Gard is a place you will long to return to!


Book Ski Touring Weekend at Nes Gard, Sognefjorden

This promises to be an exceptional weekend for a ski touring, setting the tone for the 2024 ski season. The trip is designed to cater for both beginners and adnavced skiers, with skiing routes tailored to individual skill levels. Upon returning to Nes Gard, an inviting Afterski atmosphere awaits, creating a cozy ambiance before the evening unfolds into a delightful three-course meal.

During the booking process, you have the opportunity to enhance your experience by upgrading your room category and renting equipment. Please be mindful that these arrangements should be made on a per-person basis.


February 15th-18th, 2024
From 16 900,- NOK per person
3 nights
All meals included
Tailored ski tours
Certified guides
Hosts by NAC
Afterski and fun

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