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The world’s most cozy ski touring camp based in Henningsvær, Lofoten.

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From 13 900 NOK p.p.


Welcome to Lofoten’s most legendary ski touring camp!

Camp Lofoten is a ski touring camp for those who love skiing from mountain peaks to the shoreline and want to experience the alpine slopes of Lofoten's beautiful mountains, it’s fjords and picturesque fishing villages. We cater for beginners and experienced skiers and offer ski rental for those without their own equipment.

Our base is the Henningsvær Bryggehotell and the legendary Klatrekafeen with approx. 60 guests + certified guides from Norwegian Adventure Guides.

Base Henningsvær, Lofoten
Language English / Norwegian
Skill level For beginners to experienced skiers
Duration 4 days, 3 nights
Guests Maximum 60
Date 17-20. March 2022
Full board Arctic Adventure Cuisine
Price From 13.900,- NOK p.p.
Not included Flights, alcohol and mineral water
Payment terms See terms
What’s Included?

Included in the price!

Duration 4 days
Accommodation 3 nights
Tailor-made tours
Certified guides
RIB-tour along the Lofoten Wall
All meals included
Free coffee, tea, fruit
Bus transport
Hosted by NAC
After-ski and social environment
In the world's coolest fishing village, you can experience mountain-to-coast ski magic, local food in a class of its own, relaxing, social hang-out and much hygge!
Camp Lofoten

8 good reasons to join us

Norwegian Adventure Company

Lofotens spectacular mountains and fjords

There are many reasons why Lofoten stands out as one of Norway's most iconic destinations. Around the world you will find very few places that offer such spectacular skiing.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Henningsvær – Lofoten's most charming fishing village

Whatever the season, Henningsvær's atmosphere, unique location and vibe must be experienced.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Small groups – certified guides

Your safety always comes first. We use experienced, certified mountain guides who are happy to pass on their broad knowledge of snow and local terrains.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Henningsvær Bryggehotell

Henningsvær Bryggehotell has a unique location in the heart of the fishing village. Sited right on the pier overlooking the waterfront and the bustling activity of fishing boats during wintertime.

Norwegian Adventure Company

RIB-tour along the Lofoten wall

Few things are as impressive as watching the Lofoten wall rise from the sea. We take you out on the fjord and let you fully experience the sea spray and wind in your hair as you travel alongside Norway's most beautiful mountain range.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Local culinary expertise

Arctic Adventure Cuisine is our gastro concept created by Bocuse d’Or chef Gunnar Hvarnes, using the best local produce from each region. Local food at another level!

Norwegian Adventure Company

Much hygge on the pier

At Camp Lofoten we always promise much Scandinavian ‘hygge’. A combination of social fun, cosy relaxation and an enjoyable vibe with a DJ on the pier.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Afterski at the legenadry Klatrekafeen

Torbjørn Enervold has run the Northern Norwegian climbing school and the legendary Klatrekafeen since the 80s. Camp Lofoten guarantees traditionally authentic après-ski here!


Lofoten and Henningsvær


The world's most beautiful archipelago

Lofoten is known for fantastic mountains, deep fjords, fantastic fishing, and idyllic fishing villages. Experience the light, with the midnight sun in summer and northern lights in winter. Hike, ski, bike to experience the best of this spectacular seaside island kingdom. 

Explore Lofoten 


One of Lofoten's most popular fishing villages

Visit Henningsvær and experience the unique atmosphere in the fishing village that combines international impulses with charm and history. 

Explore Henningsvær 

Toppturweekend – Norwegian Adventure Company
Toppturweekend – Norwegian Adventure Company
Toppturweekend – Norwegian Adventure Company

Day 1

Welcome to the world's most beautiful archipelago, Lofoten and charming Henningsvær! There’s much to explore in this picturesque fishing village. Take a few hours to stroll around, chat with local fishermen, hike along the pier for lunch (and take in the magnificent waterfront views) or simply enjoy Henningsvær's wonderful vibe. l If you want to experience more of Lofoten, we can arrange tours and excursions in advance.

Henningsvær Bryggehotell is located in the centre of Henningsvær and your hosts from NAC, Nina Kristine and Fredrik will meet you at check-in from 15:00. Dinner from Arctic Adventure Cuisine is served at 19:00 and the information and guide meeting starts at 21:00. Get yourself a good night's sleep before the next day’s summit trip!

Toppturweekend – Norwegian Adventure Company
Toppturweekend – Norwegian Adventure Company
Toppturweekend – Norwegian Adventure Company

Day 2

First day of skiing! Breakfast is served from 06:30. From 08:30 we transport guests in small groups to different mountains. There are many ski routes and options, and the day’s weather, snow conditions and group ability determine the chosen routes.

The first day we plan trips with a difficulty level 3-4 on our scale to 5. The trips take 4-5 hours and are approx. 5-700 meters in vertical elevation. For those who want more altimeter and a faster pace, this can be arranged. Independent excursions such as kayaking, fishing, sea eagle safaris, weather walking in Henningsvær or gallery visits to Lofotens Hus and Kaviar Factory can be organised.

After a long day out, you can test the temperature in the fjord with a quick dip, warm yourself in the hot tub? or go straight for a fantastic rib ride along the Lofoten wall. Later there is après-ski and a good, social atmosphere on the pier followed by dinner from Arctic Adventure Cuisine at 20:00.

Toppturweekend – Norwegian Adventure Company
Toppturweekend – Norwegian Adventure Company
Toppturweekend – Norwegian Adventure Company

Day 3

We wake up in fantastic Henningsvær and look out towards the sea and fishing boats. Take the first coffee of the day on the pier and enjoy the view! Breakfast is from 06:30. This day we will explore different Lofoten Mountains with skiing from mountain peaks to the shore. With 360 degree views and breath taking descents there are many new ski opportunities!

We arrange trips with a difficulty level 3-4 on our scale to 5. The tours take 4-5 hours and are approx. 6-700 meters in vertical elevation. If anyone in the group wants a longer trip, we suggest that one or more groups walk for 5 hours, at approx. 8-900 meters altitude. This tour combines hiking up to two or more mountain peaks, with a difficulty level 4 on our scale to 5.

After the days tour you return to our pleasant base at Henningsvær Bryggehotell, and can again hop in in the fjord, warm yourself in the Jacuzzi and enjoy après-ski with a local snack. Dinner from Arctic Adventure Cuisine is served at 20:00. Throughout the evening, there’s a great social atmosphere and après-ski until well into the night at Klatrekafeen.

Toppturweekend – Norwegian Adventure Company
Toppturweekend – Norwegian Adventure Company
Toppturweekend – Norwegian Adventure Company

Day 4

Ready for another fantastic ski day, or just prefer to take it easy? The choice is yours, but a range of options are planned for this day as well, and our talented guides continue to provide superb tours. After the end of the day you will be transported directly to Helle airport in Svolvær, at approximately 16:00. Here we say goodbye for now – knowing you have many great moments and memories to take with you.

Days you will remember

Many of our guests return to join us again. We hope that a tour with us creates moments and days you'll remember for a lifetime. You'll always be welcome aboard and welcome back! 

Life on the pier

After-ski, social and plenty of hygge

There is something quite unique about Camp Lofoten. The atmosphere of the fishing village, the smell of salty sea and the views that can take the breath away from even the most diehard world travellers. Camp Lofoten combines tranquillity, snow-capped mountains and fantastic summit trips with a good dose of social fun and a little craziness. Jump from the pier straight into the fjord, meet new people and the locals or hang out with the alpine gang. It’s been created for people of all age groups, on this tour we have the same interests, regardless of age.

Level of difficulty

How difficult are the summit ski tours?

The most common questions we get asked is how tiring and long our summit ski tours are and how steep the descents are. This is not easy to answer as for each individual there is a different experience of what is deemed to be simple or demanding. To try to give guidance we have graded our tours on a scale from 1 to 5.​

Toppturweekend – Norwegian Adventure Company
1 Up to 300 metres altitude Easy summit trip that everyone can master. You must have ski-touring gear, avalanche gear and a hiking bag.
2 Up to 500 metres altitude Summit trip for those with normal fitness. You must have ski-touring gear, avalanche gear and a hiking bag.
3 Up to 700 metres altitude A more strenuous summit trip, for those in normal to good condition. You must have ski-touring gear, avalanche gear and a hiking bag.
4 Up to 1000 metres altitude It is required that you are in good shape and that you regularly take long hikes. You must have ski-touring gear, avalanche gear and a hiking bag.
5 More than 1000 metres altitude It is required that you are in very good condition and that you are used to walking several days on hilly terrain. You must have ski-touring gear, avalanche gear and a hiking bag.
Equipment and packing list

What to pack for the tour

Pack your ski gear in a large ski bag where you also have room for boots, helmets, skis, etc., and a large North Face bag (waterproof 100-140 L is recommended) for the rest of your gear and clothing. You can take the hiking bag and any boots on board the aircraft.

Bring mountain gear and clothing for three days of trips, and casual outfits for travel, dinner and social occasions. The atmosphere on board is relaxed and the cabins are small, so make a capsule collection and leave your fancy clothes at home!

Toppturweekend – Norwegian Adventure Company
Ski touring rucksack (30 – 40 L)

Recommended tour equipment

  • Randonee /telemark ski/split board (ski-touring equipment can also be rented through our partner Intersport)
  • Bindings for skis / boards
  • Crampons for skis
  • Avalanche equipment; beacon, probe and shovel (can also be rented through our partner Intersport)
  • First aid box (with: Compeed plasters for rubbing, sports tape etc)
  • Thin gloves for the ascent, thicker gloves for the descent
  • Two hats (one thin hat for the ascent and one wool hat for the descent)
  • Wool underwear and socks
  • Helmet and goggles
  • Sunglasses and high factor sunscreen
  • Thin fleece jacket
  • Thin down jacket for cold days and rest breaks on the summits
  • Shell pants and jacket (wind and waterproof)
  • Small thermos for coffee, tea and hot water etc.
  • 2 water bottles of 1 - 1 1/2 litre
  • Small waterproof seating pad
Large bag (100 – 140 L)

Other things to take:

  • Pack in a large, waterproof bag to keep clothes and equipment dry
  • Casual clothes for dinner and socialising; jeans, chinos, sweaters, shirts, fleeces
  • Thick down jacket for cold mornings and evenings on deck
  • Thick winter boots for snowy and cold days
  • Trainers or low Gore-Tex shoes that you use on board
  • Extra batteries for the beacon
  • Extra socks and sports underwear (wool) for 3 days of trips

Rental of ski-touring gear

​If you don't have ski-touring gear, don't want to bring all the equipment on the plane, or maybe you want to test the “latest & greatest"? Working with Intersport, we offer very affordable rental of ski-tour equipment from Dynafit and Mammut!

Package 1 Skis, bindings and poles from Dynafit (3 days) 2 500,-
Package 2 Boots, skis, bindings and poles from Dynafit (3 days) 3 000,-
Package 3 Beacon, probe and shovel from Mammut (3 days) 850,-
Toppturweekend – Norwegian Adventure Company

How to rent ski-touring equipment

E-mail with your booking and enter:

  1. Name and telephone number.
  2. Which package(s) you want to rent.
  3. Sailing date with Arctic Haute Route.
  4. If package 1: Your height (then we choose the right ski length for you)
  5. If package 2: Your height and shoe size (then we choose the right ski length and boot size for you).

We will respond to your email within 5 working days to let you know if we have the equipment available on your sailing date. If we confirm the order, you will have the equipment delivered on board the ship on arrival. Easy!

Note: Intersport rents ski-touring equipment dependent upon availability. We cannot guarantee ski-touring equipment to all clients. Our advice is to reserve the equipment well in advance and at least one month before departure.

Arctic Adventure Cuisine

A fantastic experience of the North - also on the plate!

Gutsy, honest, uncomplicated and truly North Norwegian.

As an adventure company, we want you to experience some of the best world-class local produce that Northern Norway has to offer. 

Based on this, we have developed the Arctic Adventure Cuisine dining experience in collaboration with Bocuse d 'Or chef Gunnar Hvarnes. In the menu we have specialties from more than 30 small and large local producers from the areas between Lofoten, Tromsø. and Finnmark. 

The special thing about the Arctic climate is that it’s very cold, so everything grows slower. It gives the food a more distinct taste.
Fredrik Lundgren, Chef on Arctic Haute Route

New Nordic style

Arctic Adventure Cuisine showcases some of the really great ingredients the region has to offer - from the deep fjords to the mountains and farms. Through meals served on the Arctic Haute Route, we will convey some of the fascinating, Northern Norwegian culture and traditions, but presented in a New-Nordic style.

The menu is developed by one of Norway's foremost culinary experts, Gunnar Hvarnes, and prepared by some of the country's most talented young chefs. In creating this we hope you will have a wonderful experience of the north - also on the plate! 

Norwegian Adventure Company


Some of our guests have concerns about security and safety factors; avalanche risk, danger in steep terrain, professionalism of the guides, general risk assessment of the trips and whether they can expect to be seasick. Below you will find information about these aspects of the trip.

Safety first. Always.

Our guides on board are certified, with a great deal of experience. They are all professionals who guide hundreds of tours throughout the year, and have mastered the art in tailoring tours to suit different levels; from beginners to high level skiers.

The safety of our guests on tour is paramount. We focus on the joy of adventuring safely. Our goal is for you to have a wonderful ski-tour experience, with magnificent views and spectacular skiing from mountain to shoreline.

Mountains and routes are always chosen based on the current weather, snow and wind conditions, along with the guests' skiing ability and physical fitness level.

Our guides

Our certified guides are highly qualified professionals with extensive knowledge of the mountain ranges that surround the coast of Northern Norway. All guides are mountain experts; skiing, climbing, glacier walking and handling of equipment. They are safety and avalanche trained according to international standards for mountain guides.

The guides are keen to share their knowledge and expertise about snow conditions, mountains and routes with the guests along the way, and are happy to discuss their evaluations. With certified guides controlling the tour risk assessment, it will be easier for our guests to enjoy views, scenery and free riding in the North.

Tours for different ability levels

Our certified guides facilitate tours for all levels of ability - from beginner and advanced to highly skilled summit tour enthusiasts. Our guides conduct meetings every night, going through maps, snow conditions and possible mountain options for the next day's tours with guests.

In this way we can ensure that you participate in a tour that best meets your expectations with unforgettable daily trips and travel.

Your hosts

Norwegian Adventure Company

In Henningsvær you’ll meet the hosts and expedition leaders from Norwegian Adventure Guides, Nina Kristine Madsen-Geelmuyden and Fredrik Geelmuyden (picture), the boat crew and the mountain guides who want to give you the very best adventure ever. 


Henningsvær and the legendary Camp Lofoten are places you’ll want to come back to!
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Hear it from our guests

Selma Lie

"An amazing adventure - in every way: The skiing, the scenery, the food, and the atmosphere. Highly recommended!"

Rolf Zimmermann

"Jeg har vært deltager på flere årganger av Camp Lofoten. Nina og Fredrik er perfekt vertskap og har gjort hver eneste camp til et minne for livet. Dette er et “must” for alle som digger skikjøring i episk natur og hyggelig selskap."


"Exellent randonne experience!"

Nina Kristine

"Camp Lofoten ble på alle måter “a life changing experience”."

Erik Flågan


Martin Waaler

"Absolutely fantastic ski, food and cabin accommodation. Should be on everyone’s bucket list."

Jacob Aars-Rynning

"An amazingly beautiful and well organized tour in magnificent scenery and wonderful surroundings - recommended!"

Rudolf Galligani

"Veldig bra opplegg og syns spesielt at vertskapet gjør en imponerende jobb"

Torstein Heen

"Epic adventures, fantastic hostes!"

Jens M Jørgensen

"Best camp ever. Every thing went good, guide was profesional, Food was exelente, the People was fantastic, wether was super , i will be back"


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