M/S Gamle Salten

Arctic & Coastal Norway's "Orient Express"

Old Hurtigruten ship sailing along Arctic Haute Route.

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The ship M/S Gamle Salten

Classic nostalgia and charm

M/S Gamle Salten (1953) was built more than 50 years ago and was part of the re-construction of the coastal fleet after the war. The coastal route was essential to revitalising the country by linking population and industry in a new wave of optimism towards the next century. The boat is therefore carefully designed with quality materials and craftsmanship.

She is a combined cargo and passenger ship that was delivered to Saltens Dampskibsselskap (SDS) in Bodø in 1953. Gamle Salten was built at the Trosvik Mechanical Workshop in Brevik.

Classic nostalgia in a class of its own – Norwegian Adventure Company
Classic nostalgia in a class of its own
With 3 lounges – 1st class, 2nd class and a ladies-only salon. – Norwegian Adventure Company
With 3 lounges – 1st class, 2nd class and a ladies-only salon.
Bodøs pride on the way to Kjærringøy. – Norwegian Adventure Company
Bodøs pride on the way to Kjærringøy.
Norway's cosiest floating restaurant. – Norwegian Adventure Company
Norway's cosiest floating restaurant.

Old Hurtigruten ship. From 1953 to 1964 the ship was hired as a permanent replacement ship at Hurtigruten. When MS «Salten» was not working at Hurtigruten, she sailed on the Mosjøen – Bodø – Narvik route. In 1967 the Labour Directorate purchased the ship and used it as a school ship in the southern part of the country under the name MS «Sjøkurs».

In 1995 the ship was purchased by Ryfylke Dampskibsselskab (RDS) in Stavanger and restored as MS «Gamle Salten». In 2008 the heritage ship was purchased by the foundation Rederiet Saltens in Bodø.

In 2017 Norwegian Adventure Company started to collaborate with Rederiet Saltens, and now the proud lady sails on the Arctic Haute Route.

Arctic & Coastal Norway's

Arctic & Coastal Norway's "Orient Express". The first thing you notice is the ship's clean lines, but it's only when you board that the ship reveals her true style and elegance. The mahogany, leather and brass fixtures and fittings certainly draw your attention.

The ship is divided into two classes with four lounges. Here the varieties of wood differ from mahogany to elm and from oak to birch. The dining room is bright and cosy with large windows facing the sea. Elegant flame birch and leather furniture is decked with fine porcelain during festive dinners.

The lounge on the upper deck provides the perfect opportunity to lean back and appreciate the history.

The cabins


MS Gamle Salten has 19 double cabins and 6 single cabins, with space for 44 guests.The cabins are relatively spacious for an older ship and, although they are fairly simple, you still have everything you need with fresh air ventilation, hot and cold water as well as a «window to the sea». Showers and toilets are found in the common areas. All cabins have electric sockets for 220 volt/50 Hz.

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