Lofoten Coastal Cruise (summer)

Arctic & Coastal Norway in a Nutshell

Join us on a fantastic coastal cruise in August 2020 and experience the world's most beautiful archipelago - Lofoten and Hamarøy - with visits to Svolvær, Henningsvær, Borg, Reine and Hamarøy.

From 65 900 NOK p.p.

Lofoten Coastal Cruise

Experience the world's most beautiful island kingdom from the sea

Join us on a fantastic coastal cruise in August 2020, and be awed by the world's most beautiful archipelago Lofoten and Hamarøy, visiting Svolvær, Henningsvær, Borg, Reine and Hamarøy.

We sail on the nostalgic Hurtigrutenship MS Gamle Salten, and we’ll get close to nature, the picturesque fishing villages, the locals, the culture, and experience the amazing light you only get at this time of year.

The Lofoten Coastal Cruise gives you everything; quiet fjords bordered by dramatic and steep mountain ranges, authentic and vibrant fishing villages, an exciting tailor-made cultural programme both onboard and on land and local dining experiences showcasing the best the region has to offer.

Ship M/S Gamle Salten
Accomodation Hotel rooms / cabins
Duration 6 days and 5 nights, including 1 night in Svolvær and 4 nights on MS Gamle Salten, 4 days sightseeing, 2 days travel / transfer to / from Svolvær
Language English / Norwegian
Passengers 12
Departure September 13th, 2024
Full board Arctic Adventure Cuisine
Price From NOK 65900.00 p.p.
Not included Airline tickets, alcohol and soft drinks
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What's included?

Included in the price!

Duration 6 days
Accommodation 5 nights
4-day fjord cruise
All meals included
Cultural lunches
Free coffee, tea, fruit
Ship / tender / bus
Sightseeing and mini lectures
Guided tours
Entrance tickets
Lofoten Coastal Cruise

8 great reasons to go

Norwegian Adventure Company

Northern Nature

Arctic & Coastal Norway nature is unbelievably beautiful, and we dare to say that Lofoten is the most beautiful place in the world.

Norwegian Adventure Company

The Fjords

To sail in the Arctic fjords of Arctic & Coastal Norway during summer is something totally unique.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Midnight sun and Animal life

If we are lucky, we’ll see the spectacular midnight sun, sea eagles and whales during the trip.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Sail the world’s most stunning coastline

A fantastic voyage along the North Atlantic with the Lofoten Wall as one of the highlights.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Local Culture and History

Experience the best Arctic & Coastal Norway has to offer in art, culture, literature and Viking history

Norwegian Adventure Company

Authentic Fishing Communities

Experience Svolvær, Henningsvær and Reine as the highlights of the trip.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Local Culinary Expertise

Arctic Adventure Cuisine is our gastro concept created by Bocuse d'Or chef Gunnar Hvarnes, using the best local produce from each region.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Boutique & Bærekraftig

M/S Gamle Salten er vår flytende lodge, med kun plass til 44 gjester, guider, crew og vertskap fra Norwegian Adventure Company.

Route and Destinations

Arctic & Coastal Norway in a nutshell

On this cruise you will experience some of Arctic & Coastal Norway's finest hidden treasure, the islands in the most beautiful archipelago in the world. The sailing route includes Vestfjorden, Lofotveggen, Raftsundet and the famous Trollfjorden.

Arctic & Coastal Norway in a Nutshell – Norwegian Adventure Company

First day we sail from Svolvær out into the Vestfjord towards Henningsvær, taking in the fantastic nature and the Lofoten wall. In Henningsvær we get a better understanding of the weather and learn about Norway's longest-established export goods, fisheries and dry fish production, as well as experiencing local arts and culture.

The voyage continues to Gravdal in Lofoten with a visit to the fantastic Lofotr Viking Museum and the Viking site at Borg. Here we become acquainted with how the Vikings lived 1000 years ago. In the afternoon we continue along the Lofoten wall to Reine, which lies to the south-west of Lofoten. Here we enjoy Eva Harr's colourful artwork, get close to the locals and hear how life on Reine was a hundred years ago. Following this we visit the culinary island of Sakrisøya.

Sailing onwards, we set a course north out into the Vestfjord and sail towards Hamarøy to visit the Hamsun Centre; the kingdom of author Knut Hamsun. To end the day, we sail back to Lofoten and Svolvær through the Raftsundet and Trollfjorden.

The highlights of Arctic & Coastal Norway – Norwegian Adventure Company
Sailing route

The highlights of Arctic & Coastal Norway

We sail to these destinations on the Lofoten Coastal Cruise:

  1. Svolvær

  2. Henningsvær

  3. Gravdal / Borg

  4. Reine

  5. Hamarøy

Day by day


Svolvær, the Capital of Lofoten – Norwegian Adventure Company
Day 1

Svolvær, the Capital of Lofoten

Welcome to the World’s most beautiful archipelago! This is arrival day in Svolvær where you check in at Scandic Hotel Svolvær in the harbor at your convenience. For guests arriving early afternoon we suggest sightseeing the city and have something to eat in one of the wonderful restaurants in the harbor area.

The official program starts at 20:00, when we have our information meeting in the reception area of Scandic Hotel Svolvær, where you will meet fellow passengers and your guides on this adventure.

Henningsvær and Lofoten Fisheries – Norwegian Adventure Company
Day 2

Henningsvær and Lofoten Fisheries


Fishing history, the importance of dry fish, local art and culture.


Join a voyage along the Lofoten Wall – Svolvær to Henningsvær! ‘Værvandring’ with art and culture in Henningsvær.

Day 2 in summary

  1. At 10:00 we sail south from Svolvær along the Lofoten wall towards Henningsvær and drop anchor just outside the island later in the afternoon.

  2. We visit the authentic and picturesque fishing village of Henningsvær.

  3. Take part in “vær-vandring”, a stroll in the fishing village to visit local crafts and the art galleries of Kaviar Factory and Lofoten's Hus.

  4. Lunch in Henningsvær.

  5. Sail south from Henningsvær in the afternoon.

  6. Dinner from Arctic Adventure Cuisine.

  7. Lectures on board: settlements in Lofoten, local Viking history

  8. Drop anchor off Gravdal in the early evening

Arctic & Coastal Norway in a Nutshell – Norwegian Adventure Company

Lofoten Fisheries. From January to April the legendary Lofoten fishing takes place, a tradition that stretches back hundreds of years, and which is still the longest-established export product today. For centuries, local and visiting fishermen have come to Lofoten for the cod fishing, and the small fishing communities come alive as hundreds of small sharks teem around the ports.

Every morning at 06:00 they sail out into the Vestfjord to "bring home the cod". In the 1930s, many of the ports in Lofoten were so full of fishing boats and sharks that you could walk dry-footed from one side of the harbour to the other, as in the picture below from Henningsvær.

Arctic & Coastal Norway in a Nutshell – Norwegian Adventure Company

In the afternoon, the fishing boats return to the fisheries to deliver the catch. This is then hauled and hung on fishing reels to turn into dry fish or sent south and beyond into Europe and the rest of the world.

Arctic & Coastal Norway in a Nutshell – Norwegian Adventure Company

Henningsvær in a nutshell. When we visit this beautiful fishing village, which is located in the sea channel in the Vestfjord, we come close to the heart of northern Norwegian fishing history. Through meetings with local fishermen, we gain insight into the commercial chain, techniques, and how important fishing and stockfish have been to the region for centuries. Henningsvær was mainly populated during the 1700s, is built up from reclaimed land with piers on islets and reefs and surrounded by oceans on all sides.

Arctic & Coastal Norway in a Nutshell – Norwegian Adventure Company

After several different landowners had their base here, Henrik Drejer bought Henningsvær for 6,000 specie-dollars in 1842. Under his leadership, Lofoten was established as the most important fishing community in the region with a hospital, fisheries doctor, chapel and lighthouse. Today fishing and tourism are the most important pillars of the economy in Lofoten and Henningsvær.

Arctic & Coastal Norway in a Nutshell – Norwegian Adventure Company

Henningsvær is a fishing village with a vibrant cultural scene, with two fantastic art galleries - Kaviar Factory (modern international art) and Galleri Lofoten Hus (the northern Norwegian national gallery), as well as local glass blowers, photographers and other crafts. We visit both galleries and experience the diversity from Norwegian national romantic artists to leading international modern artists.

The Viking Site at Borg – Norwegian Adventure Company
Day 3

The Viking Site at Borg


A stunning sail along the Lofoten wall from Gravdal to Reine.


Settlements in Lofoten and local Viking history.

Day 3 summary

  1. We visit the famous Lofotr Viking museum and the Viking site at Borg.

  2. A tour to discover how the Vikings lived 1,000 years ago

  3. Viking lunch feast, in the long house at Borg.

  4. We sail from Gravdal towards Reine in the afternoon.

  5. Dinner from Arctic Adventure Cuisine.

  6. Lecture on board: life at Reine 100 years ago, Eva Harr artwork.

  7. Dropping anchor at Reine early evening.

Arctic & Coastal Norway in a Nutshell – Norwegian Adventure Company

For more than 1000 years, the wealthy chief's settlement at Borg in Lofoten was hidden and lay forgotten. In 1981 when a farmer began to plough the soil, beautiful glass shards and rare pottery appeared in the plough furrows behind the tractor. This was the beginning of an archaeological sensation. Not only was the world's largest longhouse uncovered and excavated but the unique discoveries testified to the existence of a powerful chieftain - a chieftain who had extensive contact with other powerful places in Europe.

Arctic & Coastal Norway in a Nutshell – Norwegian Adventure Company

We’ll become acquainted with an important part of Lofoten's cultural heritage - the Viking era at Borg and Lofoten's very special position nationally and internationally more than 1000 years ago. In the early Iron Age (550-1030 AD), Borg had already been an important centre for hundreds of years.

The oldest section of the chieftain's house was built in the 500s and attested to the site's long continuity as a social and religious seat of power. At Borg in Lofoten we experience the Viking age in a living environment. Smell the tar and bonfire, taste the food, hear the stories. The Vikings have been waiting for you in Lofoten for over 1000 years.

Picturesque Reine, art and local culinary – Norwegian Adventure Company
Dag 4

Picturesque Reine, art and local culinary


Sail into beautiful Kirkefjorden.


Life at Reine 100 years ago, Eva Harr's art, visit to the island of Sakrisøya

Day 4 summary

  1. Visit the fishing island of Reine and learn about life there a century ago.

  2. Visit Eva Harr's art gallery.

  3. Sail into the Kirkefjord.

  4. Visit Sakrisøya and Anitas Sjømat (seafood) for local delicacies.

  5. Sailing away from Reine in the morning.

  6. Dinner from Arctic Adventure Cuisine!

  7. Lectures on board: Knut Hamsun and Hamarøy.

  8. Dropping anchor off Hamarøy early evening.

Arctic & Coastal Norway in a Nutshell – Norwegian Adventure Company

The picture of the Reinefjorden taken from Reinehalsen is perhaps the most photographed location in Lofoten, and not without reason. This small picturesque fishing village with just over 300 inhabitants, is located to the south-west of Lofoten. It is surrounded by dramatic mountains, narrow fjords and the open ocean just off the pier.

Arctic & Coastal Norway in a Nutshell – Norwegian Adventure Company

We land on Reine and experience what life was like 100 years ago. We embrace the weather, visit the local church and have coffee with the locals. We visit the Eva Harr gallery to explore this Arctic & Coastal Norway artist's paintings with fantastic colour palettes.

Arctic & Coastal Norway in a Nutshell – Norwegian Adventure Company

Finally, we sail into the Kirkefjorden before heading ashore on Sakrisøya and visit Anitas Sjømat (seafood) which is one of the suppliers to our Arctic Adventure Cuisine. Anita is known for her fantastic smoked salmon, dry fish snacks, and smoked whale. It goes without saying, it’s great to taste the local specialties.

The literature of Knut Hamsun – Norwegian Adventure Company
Day 5

The literature of Knut Hamsun


Sailing from Reine to Hamarøy and from Hamarøy to Harstad. Visiting the Norwegian National Centre of author Knut Hamsun.


Great Norwegian literary history - Knut Hamsun's kingdom.

Day 5 i summary

  1. Visit the Hamsun Centre in Hamarøy.

  2. Sailing early in the morning.

  3. Lunch on board from Arctic Adventure Cuisine.

  4. Lectures on board; local history, culture and nature.

  5. Arrival in Harstad at 16:00.

Arctic & Coastal Norway in a Nutshell – Norwegian Adventure Company

Knut Hamsun (1859-1952) is regarded as one of Norway's most famous writers of all time. He is one of the most influential literary stylists of the 20th century, and many consider him to be the originator of the modern novel. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1920. Hamsum’s writing spans more than 70 years and shows great variety in terms of theme, perspective and environment. He published more than 20 novels, the poetry collection ‘The Wild Choir’, short stories, plays, a travelogue and essays and debate articles in the daily press. His breakthrough novel was ‘Hunger’ from 1890.

As a younger writer, he objected to realism and naturalism. He argued for literature emphasising the unpredictable and irrational, the " whisper of the blood, and the pleading of the bone marrow". He is considered to be the originator of the modern psychological literature genre, with his use of techniques such as stream of consciousness and inner monologue. He became the “leader” of the Neo-Romantic revolt towards the end of the 20th century with his best-known works from the 1890s; Hunger, Mysteries, Pan and Victoria. In later years he turned to Norwegian new realism using the local dialects, irony and humour in rural Norway in his works, as depicted in his "Norland novels".

Arctic & Coastal Norway in a Nutshell – Norwegian Adventure Company

Designed by renowned American architect Steven Holl, the Hamsun Centre was completed on Knut Hamsun's 150th birthday on August 4, 2009. The award-winning building is set against breath-taking scenery on the banks of the Glimma River in Hamarøy, and here we take you on a journey into Hamsun's literary world. After visiting the Hamsun Centre, we’ll have lunch back onboard, while sailing out of Hamarøy through the beautiful archipelago towards Svolvær. We sail through the famous Raftsundet and visit the even more famous Trollfjorden before dropping anchor in the Austnesfjorden in the evening.

Arrival and Departure

Journey summary

  • Arrival and Departure

  • Journey summary

  • Day 1. Arrival day - check in Scandic Hotel Svolvær

  • Day 2. Departure day - 9:00 am check-in MS Gamle Salten, Svolvær. Departure at 10:00

  • Day 6. Last day of adventure - 9:00 am arrival MS Gamle Salten Svolvær, check out at 10:00

  • Airport for arrival and departure is Svolvær Helle airport (SVJ)

  • Transfer from the airport to Scandic Hotel Svolvær and the harbour takes 15 minutes

The ship M/S Gamle Salten

Classic nostalgia and charm

M/S Gamle Salten (1953) was built more than 50 years ago and was part of the re-construction of the coastal fleet after the war. The coastal route was essential to revitalising the country by linking population and industry in a new wave of optimism towards the next century. The boat is therefore carefully designed with quality materials and craftsmanship.

She is a combined cargo and passenger ship that was delivered to Saltens Dampskibsselskap (SDS) in Bodø in 1953. Gamle Salten was built at the Trosvik Mechanical Workshop in Brevik.

Classic nostalgia in a class of its own – Norwegian Adventure Company
Classic nostalgia in a class of its own
With 3 lounges – 1st class, 2nd class and a ladies-only salon. – Norwegian Adventure Company
With 3 lounges – 1st class, 2nd class and a ladies-only salon.
Bodøs pride on the way to Kjærringøy. – Norwegian Adventure Company
Bodøs pride on the way to Kjærringøy.
Norway's cosiest floating restaurant. – Norwegian Adventure Company
Norway's cosiest floating restaurant.

Old Hurtigruten ship. From 1953 to 1964 the ship was hired as a permanent replacement ship at Hurtigruten. When MS «Salten» was not working at Hurtigruten, she sailed on the Mosjøen – Bodø – Narvik route. In 1967 the Labour Directorate purchased the ship and used it as a school ship in the southern part of the country under the name MS «Sjøkurs».

In 1995 the ship was purchased by Ryfylke Dampskibsselskab (RDS) in Stavanger and restored as MS «Gamle Salten». In 2008 the heritage ship was purchased by the foundation Rederiet Saltens in Bodø.

In 2017 Norwegian Adventure Company started to collaborate with Rederiet Saltens, and now the proud lady sails on the Arctic Haute Route.

Arctic & Coastal Norway in a Nutshell – Norwegian Adventure Company

Arctic & Coastal Norway's "Orient Express". The first thing you notice is the ship's clean lines, but it's only when you board that the ship reveals her true style and elegance. The mahogany, leather and brass fixtures and fittings certainly draw your attention.

The ship is divided into two classes with four lounges. Here the varieties of wood differ from mahogany to elm and from oak to birch. The dining room is bright and cosy with large windows facing the sea. Elegant flame birch and leather furniture is decked with fine porcelain during festive dinners.

The lounge on the upper deck provides the perfect opportunity to lean back and appreciate the history.

The cabins


MS Gamle Salten has 19 double cabins and 6 single cabins, with space for 44 guests.The cabins are relatively spacious for an older ship and, although they are fairly simple, you still have everything you need with fresh air ventilation, hot and cold water as well as a «window to the sea». Showers and toilets are found in the common areas. All cabins have electric sockets for 220 volt/50 Hz.

Cabins Details Price p.p.
Double cabin small (18) Upper and lower bunk, a small sofa and wardrobe. Washbasin with hot and cold water. 24 900 NOK
Double cabin (18) Upper and lower bunk, a small sofa and wardrobe. Washbasin with hot and cold water. 26 900 NOK
Double cabin superior (1) Double bed, a small lounge and wardrobe. Washbasin with hot and cold water. 27 900 NOK
Single cabin (6) One berth and wardrobe. Washbasin with hot and cold water. 28 900 NOK
Life Onboard

Social and relaxing atmosphere onboard

Arctic & Coastal Norway in a Nutshell – Norwegian Adventure Company

Imagine how incredible it is to sail into the fjords and to lie at anchor surrounded by mountains that rise straight from the sea. Enjoy the first coffee out on the deck, or see the evening sun go down. Watch a couple of small fishing boats slowly pass by on their way to the fishing grounds, prepare for the weather and be on your way. In every aspect this is a very unique form way to travel.

Being on the Lofoten Coastal Cruise is much more than a nature, culture and culinary experience. The voyage along the Norwegian coast, gives you the chance to see some of the most beautiful places in the north. In addition, there is a great social environment where you can discover many different sides of Arctic & Coastal Norway with other like-minded explorers.

On a small, intimate ship you quickly get to know the others in the group, and after a day or two we are one big happy family! The Norwegian Adventure Company team are always available for any questions you may have along the way, and the ship's crew are attentive and helpful.

You’re in safe hands with our local crew and guides who are all knowledgeable local area experts and you’ll certainly learn about the geology, flora and animal life in Arctic & Coastal Norway. Every afternoon we serve local snacks from the region, followed by dinner and local dining experiences from Arctic Adventure Cuisine.

Arctic Adventure Cuisine

A fantastic experience of the North - also on the plate!

Gutsy, honest, uncomplicated and truly North Norwegian. – Norwegian Adventure Company

Gutsy, honest, uncomplicated and truly North Norwegian.

As an adventure company, we want you to experience some of the best world-class local produce that Arctic & Coastal Norway has to offer.

Based on this, we have developed the Arctic Adventure Cuisine dining experience in collaboration with Bocuse d 'Or chef Gunnar Hvarnes. In the menu we have specialties from more than 30 small and large local producers from the areas between Lofoten, Tromsø. and Finnmark.

Arctic & Coastal Norway in a Nutshell – Norwegian Adventure Company
The special thing about the Arctic climate is that it’s very cold, so everything grows slower. It gives the food a more distinct taste.
Fredrik Lundgren, Chef on Arctic Haute Route
New Nordic style – Norwegian Adventure Company

New Nordic style

Arctic Adventure Cuisine showcases some of the really great ingredients the region has to offer - from the deep fjords to the mountains and farms. Through meals served on the Arctic Haute Route, we will convey some of the fascinating, Arctic & Coastal Norway culture and traditions, but presented in a New-Nordic style.

The menu is developed by one of Norway's foremost culinary experts, Gunnar Hvarnes, and prepared by some of the country's most talented young chefs. In creating this we hope you will have a wonderful experience of the north - also on the plate!

A trip that has everything! You will experience Arctic & Coastal Norway in a nutshell; nature, fjords, mountains, picturesque fishing villages, art, culture and culinary experiences all on one incredible trip.
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