Privat charter M/S Sjøveien

Arctic ski & sail on a classic yacht

Join us for ski & sail in Lyngen, and experience summit-to-sea skiing above the Arctic Circle in fantastic Arctic & Coastal Norway.

From 35 000 NOK p.p.

Exclusive Ski-Cruise

Arctic Ski & Sail on your own classic yacht

Take a fantastic Arctic ski cruise to Lyngen Alps, aboard the classic yacht M/S Sjøveien. Bring your group of friends, family or colleagues on this exclusive adventure.

Join us for three or four full days north of the Arctic Circle. You’ll enjoy summit-to-sea skiing in Arctic powder, sail deep fjords fringed by peaked mountains; always surrounded by natural landscapes that take your breath away. Our own chef prepares all meals with delicious fresh, local food from the immediate area.

Charter the entire yacht and enjoy the luxury of there being only 12 guests onboard, along with 2 certified guides and 6 crew. An intimate atmosphere and great, flexible logistics for us to hunt for the best snow, the Northern Lights and fantastic skiing experiences in the North!

Ship M/S Sjøveien
Language English and Norwegian
skill level From beginner to experienced skiers
Duration 4 or 5 days
Passengers 12
Season Charter March - April: 3, 4, or 7 days
Full board Arctic Adventure Cuisine
Price From NOK 35 000.00 p.p.
Not included Flights, alcohol and soft drinks
Payment terms & Conditions See terms
What's included?

Included in the price!

Duration 3 or 4 days
Accommodation 3 or 4 nights
Tailor-made tours
Certified guides
Expedition and sailing
All meals included
Free coffee / tea / fruit
Bus and tender boats
Jacuzzi on deck
After-ski and social environment

Lying at anchor, alone in a fjord, being transported by tenders, ski-touring over an island and skiing down to the sea, and then being picked up by the boat with a cold beer in hand. Doesnt get any better than this!

Helge Finanger, guest 2019

Arctic Ski & Sail

8 great reasons to go

Norwegian Adventure Company

Arctic Ski & Sail

To sail in, climb to the summit and ski down to the sea is an unbeatable combination

Norwegian Adventure Company

From summit to shoreline

Our ski tours start and return to the shoreline

Norwegian Adventure Company

Arctic & Coastal Norway ski heaven

Pristine nature in Lyngen, Senja, Finnmark or Svalbard

Norwegian Adventure Company

Jacuzzi on the deck

Enjoy a jacuzzi on the deck in the afternoon, make a few casts with the available fishing rods or wait until darkness and hop in then. Maybe you'll see the Northern Lights from the Jacuzzi!

Norwegian Adventure Company

Local culinary expertise

Arctic Adventure Cuisine is our gastro concept created by Bocuse d'Or chef Gunnar Hvarnes, using the best local produce from each region.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Small groups and certified guides

Your safety always comes first, and our tours are organised based on group ability. With two certified guides, we have the flexibility to split into two different groups.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Boutique adventure

M/S Sjøveien is our floating ski lodge, for the exclusive use of only 12 guests, 2 guides, a chef and 6 crew.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Northern Lights

With luck we may see the spectacular Northern Lights dance across the night sky.

Sailing route

Bespoke private charter

Arctic ski & sail on a classic yacht – Norwegian Adventure Company

Onboard M/S Sjøveien, you’ll help decide the days itinerary in discussion with guides and crew. There’s a high level of flexibility to go to islands and mountain areas that are not accessible to anyone other than those coming by sea.

Enjoy the tranquillity of being alone in these remote areas of incredible, northern Norwegian nature! You’re transported to land with tenders, which makes it possible to start the tour from the shoreline and get picked-up on the other side of the island if you wish.

Arctic ski & sail on a classic yacht – Norwegian Adventure Company

You charter the entire yacht for the company or group of friends and family, and we create the trip around your wishes. We’ll organise magical days with our certified guides, fully tailored to your requirements.

This is a truly bespoke adventure, with the experiences you want to include, tours/ski tours designed around ability levels and incredible, local food prepared by the yachts’ private chef.

In the afternoons after the trips we can arrange for social fun onboard or in the surrounding areas, before the yacht reaches the next destination. We promise spectacular scenery, fabulous local culture, superb culinary experiences and plenty of Norwegian “hygge”.

Arctic ski & sail on a classic yacht – Norwegian Adventure Company

Different seasons with vastly different experiences; this is what makes Norway so unique, and even more so in Arctic & Coastal Norway. It’s a kingdom of contrasts, with summers where it is light all night contrasted by the winter months around the New Year where the sun never rises - the kingdom of the Northern Lights.

Here are places we can take you to, on wonderful adventures that start and end on Sjøveien.

The yacht M/S Sjøveien

Comfortable and unique expedition yacht

The classic yacht M/S Sjøveien was built in 1964 in Bergen and completely renovated in 2017. The yacht is 145 feet (44 metres) and very spacious with 8 large and exclusive cabins with all facilities. The yacht is registered for 12 guests.

The yacht has a large lounge area on the upper deck for dining and socialising, as well as plenty of space on the deck. The bridge is open to guests for a coffee and a chat with the captain. To quickly bring guests to shore, we have two fast-moving Zodiacs and a crane.

Electric gangway for efficient boarding to and from tenders. – Norwegian Adventure Company
Electric gangway for efficient boarding to and from tenders.
Open bridge policy – you’re welcome to meet the captain on the bridge. – Norwegian Adventure Company
Open bridge policy – you’re welcome to meet the captain on the bridge.
The chef onboard prepares fresh local food from the region for breakfast and dinner. – Norwegian Adventure Company
The chef onboard prepares fresh local food from the region for breakfast and dinner.
Jacuzzi on the deck. – Norwegian Adventure Company
Jacuzzi on the deck.
Deck plan and cabins​ – Norwegian Adventure Company

Deck plan and cabins​

Onboard the yacht you will find the following cabin categories:

Red: Double cabin (1 and 2) on upper deck with window and double bed.
Yellow: Twin cabins (3 and 4) on main deck with window and two single beds.
Blue: Twin cabins (5, 6, 7 and 8) on lower deck with portholes and two single beds.

All cabins have their own bathroom facilities. Unfortunately, we don’t have single cabins, but use a twin cabin at a reduced rate as an alternative.

Life onboard

An extraordinary experience on board your own yacht

Arctic ski & sail on a classic yacht – Norwegian Adventure Company

It is quite incredible to have your own chef, crew, guides and yacht, and to sail into the fjords where you lie at anchor surrounded by the next day's touring opportunities. Get up at sunrise and enjoy the first coffee out on the deck. Watch a couple of small fishing boats slowly pass by out to the fishing grounds, embrace the weather and prepare to be on your way.

An adventure based on M/S Sjøveien is perhaps the ultimate form of Arctic ski & sail holiday in the north.

Being onboard M/S Sjøveien is much more than a raw nature experience with fantastic ski touring. It is the freedom to choose, to be with those you want to spend quality time with, while adventuring to some of the most beautiful places in the north. This is the perfect private, social arena where you can share your experiences with your loved ones, friends or colleagues.

M/S Sjøveien is a fantastic floating base for adventures, whether you want to enjoy yourself on the deck, relax in the lounge, hop in the jacuzzi or try your luck with one of the available fishing rods on board. The guides are always available for any questions you may have, and the ship's boat crew are attentive and helpful.

You’re in safe hands with our certified guides who are knowledgeable local area experts and you’ll certainly learn some new tricks. Every afternoon we serve local snacks from the region for après-ski, followed by dinner and local dining experiences from Arctic Adventure Cuisine.

During afternoons and evenings, light snow falls and sunsets are best experienced with others on the deck, where you feel the wind, weather and the sheer joy of being on tour.

Equipment and packing list

What to pack for the tour

Pack your ski gear in a large ski bag where you also have room for boots, helmets, skis, etc., and a large North Face bag (waterproof 100-140 L is recommended) for the rest of your gear and clothing. You can take the hiking bag and any boots on board the aircraft.

Bring mountain gear and clothing for three days of trips, and casual outfits for travel, dinner and social occasions. The atmosphere on board is relaxed and the cabins are small, so make a capsule collection and leave your fancy clothes at home!

Arctic ski & sail on a classic yacht – Norwegian Adventure Company
Recommended tour equipment – Norwegian Adventure Company
Ski touring rucksack (30 – 40 L)

Recommended tour equipment

  • Randonee /telemark ski/split board (ski-touring equipment can also be rented through our partner Majesty Skies)
  • Bindings for skis / boards
  • Crampons for skis
  • Avalanche equipment; beacon, probe and shovel (can also be rented through our partner Majesty Skies)
  • First aid box (with: Compeed plasters for rubbing, sports tape etc)
  • Thin gloves for the ascent, thicker gloves for the descent
  • Two hats (one thin hat for the ascent and one wool hat for the descent)
  • Wool underwear and socks
  • Helmet and goggles
  • Sunglasses and high factor sunscreen
  • Thin fleece jacket
  • Thin down jacket for cold days and rest breaks on the summits
  • Shell pants and jacket (wind and waterproof)
  • Small thermos for coffee, tea and hot water etc.
  • 2 water bottles of 1 - 1 1/2 litre
  • Small waterproof seating pad
Other things to take: – Norwegian Adventure Company
Large bag (100 – 140 L)

Other things to take:

  • Pack in a large, waterproof bag to keep clothes and equipment dry
  • Casual clothes for dinner and socialising; jeans, chinos, sweaters, shirts, fleeces
  • Thick down jacket for cold mornings and evenings on deck
  • Thick winter boots for snowy and cold days
  • Trainers or low Gore-Tex shoes that you use on board
  • Extra batteries for the beacon
  • Extra socks and sports underwear (wool) for 3 days of trips
Arctic Adventure Cuisine

A fantastic experience of the North - also on the plate!

Gutsy, honest, uncomplicated and truly North Norwegian. – Norwegian Adventure Company

Gutsy, honest, uncomplicated and truly North Norwegian.

As an adventure company, we want you to experience some of the best world-class local produce that Arctic & Coastal Norway has to offer.

Based on this, we have developed the Arctic Adventure Cuisine dining experience in collaboration with Bocuse d 'Or chef Gunnar Hvarnes. In the menu we have specialties from more than 30 small and large local producers from the areas between Lofoten, Tromsø. and Finnmark.

Arctic ski & sail on a classic yacht – Norwegian Adventure Company
The special thing about the Arctic climate is that it’s very cold, so everything grows slower. It gives the food a more distinct taste.
Fredrik Lundgren, Chef on Arctic Haute Route
New Nordic style – Norwegian Adventure Company

New Nordic style

Arctic Adventure Cuisine showcases some of the really great ingredients the region has to offer - from the deep fjords to the mountains and farms. Through meals served on the Arctic Haute Route, we will convey some of the fascinating, Arctic & Coastal Norway culture and traditions, but presented in a New-Nordic style.

The menu is developed by one of Norway's foremost culinary experts, Gunnar Hvarnes, and prepared by some of the country's most talented young chefs. In creating this we hope you will have a wonderful experience of the north - also on the plate!

Norwegian Adventure Company


Some of our guests have concerns about security and safety factors; avalanche risk, danger in steep terrain, professionalism of the guides, general risk assessment of the trips and whether they can expect to be seasick. Below you will find information about these aspects of the trip.

Safety first. Always. – Norwegian Adventure Company

Safety first. Always.

Our guides on board are certified, with a great deal of experience. They are all professionals who guide hundreds of tours throughout the year, and have mastered the art in tailoring tours to suit different levels; from beginners to high level skiers.

The safety of our guests on tour is paramount. We focus on the joy of adventuring safely. Our goal is for you to have a wonderful ski-tour experience, with magnificent views and spectacular skiing from mountain to shoreline.

Mountains and routes are always chosen based on the current weather, snow and wind conditions, along with the guests' skiing ability and physical fitness level.

Our guides – Norwegian Adventure Company

Our guides

Our certified guides are highly qualified professionals with extensive knowledge of the mountain ranges that surround the coast of Arctic & Coastal Norway. All guides are mountain experts; skiing, climbing, glacier walking and handling of equipment. They are safety and avalanche trained according to international standards for mountain guides.

The guides are keen to share their knowledge and expertise about snow conditions, mountains and routes with the guests along the way, and are happy to discuss their evaluations. With certified guides controlling the tour risk assessment, it will be easier for our guests to enjoy views, scenery and free riding in the North.

Sea sickness – Norwegian Adventure Company

Sea sickness

If you have concerns about being seasick, we can reassure you that we sail close to land and rarely in open sea areas for most of the voyage. In our experience guest seasickness has been limited to being very minimal, if at all. If any of our guests should still experience discomfort, we always have sea sickness tablets available on board.

Tours for different ability levels – Norwegian Adventure Company

Tours for different ability levels

Our certified guides facilitate tours for all levels of ability - from beginner and advanced to highly skilled summit tour enthusiasts. Our guides conduct meetings every night, going through maps, snow conditions and possible mountain options for the next day's tours with guests.

In this way we can ensure that you participate in a tour that best meets your expectations with unforgettable daily trips and travel.


Sailing Itinerary

We sail from Tromsø to Lyngen or Senja, or out from Longyearbyen on Svalbard.

Please contact us here for any request or charter of MS Seaway. Send us sn e-msil to

All sailings are private charter which means that you rent the entire ship with room for a maximum of 12 guests. We arrange the travel itinerary, packing list and detailed programme in advance of the trip, based on your requirements, the weather, snow and wind conditions.

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