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The following are Norwegian Adventure Company AS's (NAC) terms for travel booked through the company. Please read the terms carefully as these will be binding upon your travel booking.

General Terms and Conditions for package tours are in compliance with The Package Travel Act (the "Package Travel Act") and the Ministry of Children and Family Affairs' regulations to the Act ("the Regulations") which supply the provisions of the law and regulations. The terms and conditions apply to package tours that fall within the definition of the Package Travel Act. Customers who would otherwise fall under the definition of package travel, but who travel entirely or partially in connection with business operations, research or professional competitions, do not, however, fall within the definition in the Package Travel Act. Travel that is not defined as a package trip follows the provisions of the Maritime Act, see separate terms.


Your contract is with Norwegian Adventure Company AS (NAC). The contract is considered to be binding as soon as you, or your travel agent, confirm the booking with NAC. NAC is then responsible for delivering the products / events you have ordered, while at the same time becoming financially responsible for the order. The moment you make a reservation, you also confirm that you have the authority to accept the terms on your behalf and, if applicable, on behalf of your travel companion(s). You accept responsibility for the payment being made to NAC for all travellers in your party.

You are responsible for ensuring that the reservation is in accordance with the booking. As the person booking you are also obliged to ensure that the names on all documents are correct according to the passport details of all travellers in your party. You will also be responsible for keeping everyone in your travel party fully informed of what has been ordered and of any changes. If you book your trip through an agent / travel agent, all communication must be via the agent / travel agent. Please note that travel agents / agents may have additional terms that you will be bound by when booking travel through them. Always enter your order number when contacting NAC. Payments made to agent / travel agency are always received on behalf of NAC.


NAC always provides the statutory guarantee for package holidays to: Travel Guarantee Fund, PO Box 227, N-4001 Stavanger.


Once NAC has confirmed your booking, the payment becomes due as follows:

  • If the booking is made more than 90 days before departure, a minimum deposit of 40% of the total cost of the trip must be paid. Alternatively, you can pay for the entire trip when booking. The full price of the trip must be paid no later than 90 days before departure.

  • If booking less than 90 days prior to departure, the full price of the trip is immediately due.

  • If the trip is not paid within due time, NAC reserves the right to cancel the booking, retain the deposit paid and claim a cancellation fee of 10% of the total booking cost. Travel documents will be sent as soon as NAC has received your payment, usually at least 30 days prior to departure.

  • When booking with us online, all bookings with a total amount of less than 15.000 Kr must be fully paid at the time of booking. NB In special promotions, the total invoice for the trip will be paid in full upon booking. If you do not pay by card but want an invoice sent, an invoice fee of 100 Kr will be added.


The correct price of the trip is stated before the booking is confirmed. NAC reserves the right to change prices. Price increases can only occur as a result of changes in transport costs, taxes or fees or fluctuations of any exchange rates quoted. In the event of a price increase which results in a total increase of more than 10%, you will be entitled to cancel your journey free of charge, with a full refund of all amounts paid. If you wish to cancel as above, notice must be received by NAC no later than 14 days after the new invoice issue date showing the price increase. Please note that some arrangements that are part of the trip are not always purchased in local currency and will therefore not have corresponding price changes. Any discounts can only be applied at the time of booking, not in arrears.

Change of name / client in the booking

If you wish to make changes to your journey after confirmation, we will do our utmost to fulfill this. We do ask you to appreciate that this is not always possible. Preferably a request for changes should be sent in writing to NAC, or by email to: info@norwegianadventurecompany.com

The customer has the right to transfer the trip to another person who fulfills all the terms of the agreement if he / she is prevented from participating. The person transferring the trip and the person then joining the trip will be jointly responsible and liable for payment of the balance and any fees and additional costs as a result of the change.

Requests for changes to the booking can attract (even after the confirmation invoice has been issued) an administration fee per person per change. Additional costs that may arise as a result of any changes will be charged to the passenger.

Changes made more than 35 days before departure: 300 KR amendment fee as well as any additional costs that NAC incurs to make the change.

Changes made less than 35 days before departure: Cancellation fee (10%) and an amendment fee of 300KR. It is not possible to change an existing booking to a special offer.


You, or anyone in your party, has the right to cancel the trip at any time for a fee. All cancellations must be made in writing by the person who originally booked the trip. The cancellation date is deemed the date NAC receives the cancellation. The non-refundable deposit paid on booking will not be refunded.

Cancellation is charged at the following rates for individual travelers:

Days before departure / Cancellation fee as a percentage of the total price of the trip.

More than 180 days before (6 months): Fee corresponding to the deposit

Less than 180 days before: 60%

Less than 150 days before: 80%

Less than 120 days before: 90%

Less than 90 days before: 100%

In the event of cancellation of one or more persons in the same cabin, NAC reserves the right to change cabin allocation for the remaining person (s). When changing to a new cabin, the price changes accordingly.

If the customer's booking is for a group, and the total price includes discounts linked to the number of participants, the discounts may not apply if someone in the travel party cancels. In such a situation (partial cancellation), NAC will refund the proportion of the agreed / paid price to the cancellation party (s), as well as collect any additional price charge as a result of the cancellation of discounts related to the number of travelers. Anyone who cancels must pay a cancellation fee.

Cancellation of travel booked at a promotional price will result in a cancellation fee of 100%, unless otherwise agreed.

If you need to cancel your trip for reasons covered by your insurance, you must contact your insurance company for a refund of the cancellation fee yourself. Any insurance premium is not refundable.

Agents and tour operators should refer to the Agent Agreements.

Cancellation / changes made by Norwegian Adventure Company AS (NAC)

NAC reserves the right to change information at any time and correct any errors in the information provided or in invoices. If any changes have been made before you place your order, we are obliged to inform you before we confirm your booking. In some instances, NAC reserves the right to cancel a trip if a predetermined minimum number of participants has not been reached and the trip is commercially unviable for NAC. This can happen even after travel confirmations have been issued, however no later than 6 weeks before departure, with the exception of Force Majeure.

When cancellation of travel is for commercial reasons, the amount paid for the trip to NAC is refunded. NAC is not responsible for reimbursing any other travel, transfer, transport costs not booked through NAC. NAC may cancel or modify a trip without liability provided that we can demonstrate that it cannot be implemented as a result of obstacles beyond our control and which could not have been for-seen at the time the agreement was entered into. This includes the accident, medical evacuation / landing of crew or passengers, which neither NAC nor anyone we are responsible for could avoid or avert the consequences of.


If the traveller thinks they have reason to complain about aspects of the event, the reasons must be given during the trip to the tour leader, ship crew, etc. who will seek to correct any problems. You are also committed to minimising your losses as far as possible. If the complaint cannot be rectified on site, you can file a written complaint. Any written complaint must be made to the travel agency where the trip was purchased or to the NAC no later than 4 weeks after the end of the trip (unless special circumstances make it reasonable to extend the time limit for the complaint). The complaint must include information about the reservation number, description of the incident and the claims made.

Our responsibility

We have limited liability for any damage you or anyone in your party may suffer as a result of relevant international conventions including death, personal injury, delays to passengers and loss, damage to and delayed luggage. Any case based on air or sea transport must be brought within the two-year deadline set by the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions or the Athens Convention, as applicable. Legal steps in connection with claims for which no deadline has been set for international conventions or are specified in the Maritime Law must be taken within one year of your departure. The transport of passengers, luggage and vehicles is subject to the provisions of the Act of 24 June 1994 No. 39 on Shipping (Maritime Act), as amended. Package tours are subject to the provisions of the Act of 25 August 1995 No. 57 on Package Travel (Package Travel Act).

Under Regulation No 261/2004 of the European Parliament and Council, you are entitled, in certain circumstances, to reimbursement and / or compensation from your airline for refusing to allow you to board and for cancelled or substantially delayed departure, for which you must contact the airline. Refunds in such cases will not automatically entitle you to a refund of any of your vacation expenses from NAC. Furthermore, in cases where a delay may result in the right to cancel a flight, this will not automatically give you the right to cancel or receive a refund for any other arrangements, even though they may have been agreed in connection with your flight.


When you book travel arrangements with NAC, you assume responsibility for yourself and your traveling companions to not act in any manner which causes disturbance to other passengers or may cause safety or practical problems for the organiser. If your actions or negligence cause damage to property (in contractual arrangements), or cause delay or redirection of a flight or other means of transport, you agree to hold us completely non-liable against any claims (including labour fees and legal costs) made against us on or on behalf of the owner of such property or the air carrier or operator of other means of transport. The captain of the ship has authority over the ship and passengers at all times from boarding to disembarking. There will be no liability on our part or any of the suppliers for any reimbursement, compensation or costs incurred in this way. Furthermore, we shall have the right to recover all costs arising from the incident in which the passenger is involved.

At any port or at any place, we have the right to refuse to board and the right to land passengers, who, according to the ship's authorised personnel, may be refused to land at new points of arrival by local authorities, or who may suffer from an infectious illness, or whose presence may be unfortunate for the well-being of passengers or crew. In case the ship or single passenger is in quarantine (passengers may have to stay in the cabin or as directed by authorized personnel on board if they or another accommodated person exhibit symptoms of such illness or may be considered to endanger other passengers ), we have no liability for any expenses incurred, and in such cases as above there will be no right to reimbursement or compensation, and we have no liability for any costs incurred as a result.

All passengers must ensure that they are fit to travel. NAC reserves the right to require all passengers to document this, and the company cannot accept liability for situations that may arise as a result of the failure to disclose an existing medical condition or disability. Passengers with physical or mental disabilities (or other conditions that may require special assistance, i.e. use of a normal or motorised wheelchair, or guide dog) must notify us of this in writing before booking. Our adventures and voyages are specifically designed for physical activity in natural environments. This means that our tours and boats are not adapted for passengers using a wheelchair or requiring special assistance.

Your passport and visa requirements (including any other immigration requirements) are your own responsibility and you must clarify these with the appropriate embassies and / or consulates. We assume no responsibility in case you cannot travel because you do not meet the latest requirements. If you have made independent travel arrangements, you are responsible for boarding the ship well in advance, regardless of any changes in the time of sailing and the date or itinerary. We cannot refund any monies paid to us or any third party acting on our behalf, or to compensate or make any other payments when you do not board the ship (for any reason). Passengers transferring ashore are themselves responsible for re-boarding the ship again before departing from the port.


We advise our guests to obtain cancellation insurance in case of illness and / or travel insurance. For our active, adventure tours, such as ski & sail, we recommend guests to check that their travel insurance covers sports trips that include off-piste skiing.


NAC reserves the right to change/correct any errors, price changes and information on our website.

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