Arctic Haute Route Ski & Sail

Arctic Haute Route – world’s most beautiful ski touring cruise

Join Arctic Haute Route for fantastic summit-to-sea skiing in Arctic Northern Norway. Sunday Times Travel Magazine joined us on this adventure and called it «absurdly enjoyable and the coolest holiday ever». We think this puts it right! We are sailing above the Arctic Circle, tagging along the North-Atlantic coastline for four days between Lofoten islands and the Arctic Capital Tromsø. Along our route we will be visiting the region’s most beautiful islands almost made by nature for ski touring: Lofoten, Andørja, Senja and Kvaløya. Our certified guides  tailor make hikes for beginners, intermediate and experienced skiers.


If you don’t have your own ski touring equiptment, or would like to try out the latest and greatest, we have the solution for you! Together with our partner Intersport you may rent ski touring gear from Dynafit and avalance gear from Mammut. BOOK HERE.

Why this is a bucketlist Adventure!

  • * Skiing Arctic Northern-Norway
  • * Ski touring for beginners and experienced skiers
  • * Certified guides – 1 guide per 6 guests
  • * Unique route – Lofoten, Andørja, Senja, Kvaløya
  • * Classic botique cruise with 3 full days skiing
  • * Arctic Adventure Cuisine by Bocus chef Gunnar Hvarnes
  • * One big happy family vibe aboard

Sail in, hike up, ski down – Arctic Ski & Sail, absurdly enjoyable and coolest holiday ever, Sunday Times Travel Magazine

Certified guides for your safety

Our certified guides tailor-make hikes for beginners to experienced skiers, and your safety is our main focus when we are deciding which mountains to hike and ski, based on weather forecast, snow conditions and the group of skiers. Every evening we conduct guide meetings, where we go through the program and hikes the following day together with our guests. Each guide only ski with six guests.

Sailing dates and sailing route

We are sailing on the expedition hip M/S Quest, built 1992 in Denmark. The perfect size of the ship in our operation, opens up for a picturesque route along the Atlantic coastline. We anchor up in small bays and Arctic fjords, in the heart of the fishing communities, surounded by mountains. The destinations we are visiting gives a feeling of remote authenticity, with few roads, perfectly preserved old architecture and stunning coastal views. Northern-Norway is fantastic during springtime, with long days with light until 23:00. You cannot plan for the Northern lights, but if we are lucky, we will see the Aurora Borealis dance samba with the stars across the Arctic sky!

Sailing plan

Southbound route: Sunday – Thursday (3 nights/ 3 ski days), embarking in Tromsø and sailing to Senja, Andørja, and Lofoten, disembarking in Svolvær. Northbound sailing route: Thursday – Sunday  (3 nights/ 3 ski days), embarking in Svolvær (Lofoten) and sailing to Lofoten, Andørja, Kvaløya, and disembarking in Tromsø.


  • 19-22. March 2020, North Svolvær – Tromsø – Few cabins left
  • 22-25. March 2020, South Tromsø – Svolvær – Few cabins left
  • 26-29. March 2020, North Svolvær – Tromsø – Fully booked
  • 29. March – 1. April 2020, South Tromsø – Svolvær – Fully booked


  • 8-11. April 2021, South Tromsø – Svolvær – Available cabins
  • 11-14. April 2021, North Svolvær – Tromsø – Available cabins
  • 15-18. April 2021, South Tromsø – Svolvær – Available cabins
  • 18-21. April 2021, North Svolvær – Tromsø – Available cabins


  • 24-27. March 2022, North Svolvær – Tromsø – Available cabins
  • 27-30. March 2022, South Tromsø – Svolvær – Availbale cabins
  • 31. March – 3. April 2022, North Svolvær – Tromsø – Available cabins
  • 3-6. April 2022, South Tromsø – Svolvær – Available cabins

Northbound route: Svolvær – Tromsø

On arrival day Thursday: check in starts at 16:00 and departure is at 17:30. The vessel MS Quest will be docked at the Hurtigruten dock in the center of Svolvær. Norwegian Adventure Company crew will be welcoming you at the airport on all incoming flights to help arranging transfer with our mini bus to Svolvær harbour, only 15 minutes from the airport. Check for direct inbound flights from Oslo or via Bodø .

On departure day Sunday, we are at anchor outside Kvaløya at Mjelde, where you will be skiing all day before our bus takes you directly to the airport arriving at 15:00, hence, book your outbound flights after 16:00. Direct flights from Tromsø airport to Oslo with SAS and Norwegian. Check out for outbound flights from Tromsø to Oslo.

Book your andventure and flights now for preferred dates and best possible travel schedule. If you consider arriving earlier to explore worlds most beautiful islands, or extending your stay in the Tromsø area, we will be happy to help out organizing where to stay, places to go and things to do. Get in touch with us on or +47 22 55 60 50 for inquiry.


Southbound route: Tromsø – Svolvær

On arrival day Sunday M/S Quest will be docked at the old Hurtigruten dock next to Scandic Ishavs Hotel in Tromsø. Check in from 14:00 and departure at 16:30. Direct flights from Oslo to Tromsø with SAS and Norwegian. Take the airport shutle or a taxi on arrival in Tromsø, ship is docked in city center only 10-15 minutes drive from the airport. Check out for inbound flights from Oslo til Tromsø.

On departure day Wednesday we are at anchor in Lofoten in the beautiful Austnes fjord  outside Svolvær, where you will be skiing all day before our bus takes you directly to the airport arriving at 16:00, hence book your outbound flight after 17:00. Guest having later flights will be transportet from the airport til Svolvær. Connecting flights from Svolvær Helle airport to Oslo with Widerøe and SAS. If all flights are fully booked from Svolvær, it is also possible to fly out of Leknes airport only one hour with bus from Svolvær South-West in Lofoten, or from Evenes airport outside Harstad (bus from Svolvær to Harstad). Check out for outbound flights Svolvær to Oslo via Bodø.

If you consider exploring Tromsø before Arctic Haute Route or extending your stay in Lofoten, we will be happy to help out organizing where to stay, activities, places to go and things to do. Get in touch or +47 22 55 60 50 for inquiry.


Arctic Haute Route powder hunting in Lofoten, Rundfjellet


Rental of equiptment

If you don’t have your own ski touring equiptment, or would like to try out the latest and greatest, we have the solution for you! Together with Intersport Svolvær and our partners Dynafit and Mammut, we have a favourable rental solution with the ski touring gear and avalance equiptment you need for this adventure.

Note! Intersport will rent out gear as long as they have sizes and equiptment available in stock. Intersport can therefore not guarantee that they have gear at all times in stock. Therefore, make sure to rent equiptment as early as possible and no later than one moth prior to your departure.

  • Package 1. from Dynafit: skies, skins, poles for 3 days – kr 1.500
  • Package 2. from Dynafit:  boots, skies, skins, poles for 3 days – kr 1.800
  • Package 3. from Mammut: beeper, probe, shuffle for 3 days – kr 500

All the gear that your order will be delivered and fitted aboiard the vessel on your arrival. Send your order by e-mail to with following data:

  1. Your full name and cell phone number?
  2. Whick package or packages you would like to order?
  3. Which sailing date you will be traveling on Arctic Haute Route?
  4. If package 1: your height (in order for us to pick the right lenght of your skies)?
  5. If package 2: your height and shoe size  (in order for us to pick the right lenght of your skies and size of your boots)?

We will get back to you within a week (5 working days) to confirm that we have the gear you have ordered available in stock.

Destinations along the route


The Northbound sailing starts in Svolvær and the Soutbound ends here, situated North on the Lofoten islands. Svolvær has 4400 inhabitants, and the airport is just 15 minutes by taxi or bus from the harbour where Nordstjernen is docked. This small city is called the “capital” of Lofoten, and is perfectly situated near all the classic ski touring routes in Lofoten. If you would like to do something else than skiing, we can offer various activities you may order on board: Sea kayak , deep sea fishing, rib safari, visiting art galleries on the fisherman island Henningsvær and art gallery The Kaviar Factory.

Andørja & Rolla

Andørja and Rolle islands in Ibestad county are only 30 minutes from Harstad city. Andørja is the island in Northern Europe with most peeks, more than 20 peeks above 100 meter stacked together on this small island, with Langlitiden (1277 meter)  as the highest peek.  We will be at anchor outside Rolla island, ski touring on both Roll and Andørja.


Senja is Norway’s second largest island with a varied landscape. with deep fjords, high mountains, and beautiful white & sandy beaches. Excellent opportunities for fantastic hiking both summer and winter. The highest peek is Breitinden (1301 meters). We will be at anchor on the North side of the island, at Skarland if the weather is fair, or in Mefjordbotn or surounding fjords depending on the weather.


Kvaløya is situated just outside Tromsø, and has plenty of fantastic ski touring mountains to offer.  We are at anchor ourside Mjelde on the South East side of the island. We plan for some epic free skiing this last day – Skitntind, Store Blåmann, Vasstind og Hollendaren, etc. Our guides will find the perfect hike for you. But, if you are tired and your thighs sais NO MORE, you can join the ship and cruise to Tromsø  to explore Ishavskatedralen (The Arctic Cathedral), The Mack Brewery, or the adventure center Polaria.

Local culinary: Arctic Adventure Cuisine

On this adventure we also want you to experience Arctic Northern-Norway on the plate. We have developed the culinary concept Arctic Adventure Cuisine in cooperation with the famous Norwegian Bocuse d’Or coach Gunnar Hvarnes. The culinary experience is honest, unaffected and reflects the areas we are skiing and sailing in, representing a selection of the best local produce the region offers from the Atlantic Ocean, mountains, and deep fjords. In 2019 our menu represented more than 25 local producers from the region.

Expedition vessel M/S Quest

M/S Quest is a small and intimate expedition ship with high standard, perfectly made to explore the Atlantic coastline in Northern-Norway. The ship has been based on Greenland previously, hosting polar expeditions. We are proud to present this ship to our guests, which is a perfect match for our Arctic Haute Route Ski & Sail operation. The ship was built in Denmark in 1992, totally refurbished in 2004/05 and upgraded in 2018. M/S Quest hosts 54 passengers in 27 cabins, all with ocean view and private bathroom facilities.

MS Quest is 50 meter long and 11 meter wide, with  neat deck areas to explore the views and fresh Arctic air, a panorama lounge with bar on upper deck, nice restaurant, and modern cabin facilities. The vessel is also rigged with a crane a four -six zodiack tender boats which will take us to and from ski touring every day.

Prices and deckplan


Aboard the ship we have following cabin alternatives; a) Owners cabin with double bed, b) Double cabin superior with double bed, c) Double cabin with double bed, d) Twin cabin plus with two single beds, e) Twin cabin with two single beds, f) Triple cabin with three single beds. We don’t have designated single cabins but use twin cabins with reduced price.

Owners cabin (1): double bed, two large windows, cabinet, seating area with two armchairs, desk, tv, cabinet, bathroom with toilet/ shower.

Double superior cabin (4): spaceious with double bed, window, seating area with two arm chairs, cabinet, tv, bathroom with toilet/ shower.

Double cabin (2): double bed, window, desk, armchair, bathroom with toilet/ shower.

Twin cabin pluss (12): two single beds, cabinet, window, bathroom with toilet/ shower.

Twin cabin (4): two single beds, cabinet, window, bathroom with toilet/ shower.

Triple cabin (4): three single beds where one is a bunk bed, cabinet, window, bathroom with toilet/ shower.

Bath room in all cabins: modern facilities with shower, toilet and heatet floor.

Afterski and mucho hygge

Joining the Arctic Haut Route ski touring cruise is much more than just a fantastic adventure above the Arcti Circle. This is a social arena where you will make new friends with same passion for active lifestyle, skiing and the outdoor. Aboard there is a one big happy family feeling, and Norwegians are know for beeing informal and focusing on creating mucho hygge (playful happines).  Every afternoon we have our a apres aboard the vessel, serving snack from the region, followed by dinner from our famous Arctic Adventure Cuisine.

Gearing up – what to pack?

You bring your own hiking gear and clothing for 3 days of ski touring, and casual clothing for travel, dinner and social settings. The atmosphere aboard Nordstjernen is informal and the cabins are very small, so bring what you think you’ll need the most – and leave the rest.

Hiking backpack (30–40 L) – suggested packing list:

  • Randonee / telemark skiing kit / split board kit
  • Avalanche gear (beeper, probe, shovel) – can be rented from our partner Intersport
  • Cut iron for skies
  • First aid kit (compede for blisters, sport tape, etc.)
  • Thin and thick gloves
  • Two hats (wool and wind stopper)
  • Wool underwear and socks
  • Helmet and goggles
  • Sun glasses and sun block
  • Thin hiking fleece jacket
  • Thin down jacket for cold days and comfy lunch on summit
  • Gore-Tex pants and jacket (wind – and water proof)
  • Crampons for your skies
  • Thermos bottle for hot water, coffee, tea, etc.
  • Bottles for water
  • Camera

Large bag for leisurewear and extra gear (100 – 140 L) – suggested packing list:

  • Pack in a water resistant, large bag to keep your gear dry
  • Informal leisure wear for dinner and social setting; jeans, chinos, shirt or jumper
  • Thick jacket for cold mornings and evenings on deck
  • Thick winter boots for snowy and cold days
  • Sneakers, low Gore-Tex shoes for leisure
  • Extra batteries for you beeper
  • Extra socks and sports underwear (wool) for 3 days of hiking

Welcome to the land of the Northern Lights for fantastic ski touring above the Arctic Circle. Book your adventure HERE.

  • Routes: Lofoten – Tromsø (North) or Tromsø  – Lofoten (South)
  • Season: March and April
  • Vessel: MS Quest, only 54 guest and 8 guides
  • Full board: 3 nights, all meals, certified guides, transport
  • Level: from beginners to experts, tailor-made hikes
  • Rental gear: ski touring – and avalanche gear can be rented aboard
  • Price in tripple cabin from: kr 19.900 pp / EUR 2040 Euro pp
  • Flights & transfer: flights, transfer and beverage aboard covered by guest