Arctic Haute Route Hike & Sail

Arctic Haute Route  –  world’s most beautiful hike & sail adventure!

Come join us on Arctic Haute Route Hike & Sail for spectacular hikes from summit-to-sea above the Arctic Circle. You will sail abord the classic and nostalgic ship Gamle Salten, accomondating 44 passengers + guides and crew. We are cruising along the Atlantic Coastline from Lofoten to Tromsø or Tromsø to Lofoten. Probably the world’s most beautiful hike & sail adventure. Book your Arctic summer adventure now!


Seiling plan 2020

  • * 29 juli – 2. August, Northbound 4 nights
  • * 2 – 5. August 2020, Soutbound 3 Nights

Your next Arctic Adventure?

  • * Hike & Sail – with summit-to sea hiking
  • * Explore spectacular nature and mountains in Northern-Norway
  • * Classic boutique cruise – 3 or  4 days
  • * Sailing on the classical ship Gamle Salten with only 43 passengers
  • * Three days with hikes tailor-made by guides
  • * Arctic Adventure Cuisine – local culinary experince
  • * Double and single cabins – full board
  • * Social outside on deck while you are sailing along the Atlantic Coastline

Arctic Haute Route, it’s the most spectacular adventure, absurdly enjoyable and the coolest Holiday – ever!

Explore summit-to-sea hiking Above the Arctic Circle

Arctic Haute Route is one trip but includes up to five small adventures above the Arctic Circle. Here, you will meet people just like you, wanting to explore and go summit-to-sea hiking, see new places every day and get to know new people. Sunday Times journalist, Duncan Craig came along with us on the winter edition last year, and called Arctic Haute Route “Absurdly enjoyable and the coolest holiday – ever”. We believe this counts for the summer as well. We are sailing from destination to destination in the afternoons and evening, and hiking during daytime. Arctic Haute Route offers a variety of tailor-made hikes on every destination with guides. Level is adjusted to fit all guests, from beginners to intermediate and experienced hikers.

Route and destinations

We are sailing on the classic and nostalgic ship MS Gamle Salten, built in 1953. The size of the ship opens up for a picturesque route along the Atlantic coastline with small and nice harbors. The destinations we are visiting gives a feeling of remote authenticity, with few roads, perfectly preserved old architecture and stunning coastal views. Northern-Norway is fantastic during summer, with the Midnight sun giving us 24 hours of day light to go adventuring the high North.

Northbound Sailing

Wednesday to Sunday, sailing from Svolvær to Tromsø via Stamsund in Lofoten, Vesterålen, Senja, Sommarøy and Tromsø. The ship departs Svolvær harbour at 18:00, check in from 16:00. The harbour is only 15 minutes with taxi or bus from Svolvær airport.

Southbound Sailing

Sunday to Wednesday from Tromsø to Svolvær, via Senja, Vesterålen and Lofoten, and Svolvær. The ship departs Tromsø harbour at 16:00 With check in from 14:00. The harbour is only 15 minutes with bus or taxi from Tromsø airport.

If you have the opportunity take an earlier flight and explore Svolvær before our departure or extend your stay to explore Tromsø, we will be happy to help out suggesting activities and places to go and things to do. Get in touch  for more information.

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About the destinations


Lofoten i a small group of islands in Nordland county, North of the Arctic Circle and West in the Atlantic sea.  We start the adventure when embarking the ship in Svolvær, sailing to Stamsund on Vestvågøy as the first destination. Stamsund has around 100.000 inhabitants, and is an important hub for Hurtigruten and the local fishing industry. The area and mountains around Stamsund offers a variety of fantastic hikes and trails, with spectacular views over the Vestfjorden on one side and the Atlantic ocean on the other. We can also offer side activities such as; rib safari, water scooter, kajacking, and fishing.


Vesterålen is another small group of islands further North in Nordland county, right on the border to Lofoten. The islands in Vesterålen includes; Andøya, Langøya, Hadseløya, the Western part of Hinnøya, the Northern part of Austvågøya and some smaller islands. We will ancher the ship outside Alsvåg, a small and pictureque place with only 300 inhabitants and some fantastic mountains rising straight up from the sea. Here we can offer fishing as a side activity.


Senja is Norways seccond largest island, with spectacular mountains, deep fjords and white & sandy beaches. This island offers spectacular hikes and trails during the summer,  and fantastic skiing during the winter. The highestes peek on the island is Breitinden (1001 meters above sea level.


Sommarøy is a mall and picturesque fishing community all the way out in the big sea, just outside Kvaløya and Tromsø with only 300 inhabitants.  This last day we will explore hikes and trails on some of the small islands and mountains surrounding the area. If you are tired after three days of touring, you may join the ship when she’s sailing to Tromsø. In the Arctic Capital you can explore the city, the beautiful Ishavs Cathedral, the local Mach Brewery or the Polaria adventure venue.

Classic ship & nostalgic sailing on Gamle Salten

Gamle Salten, was built for more than 50 years ago, as a part of the reconstruction of the coastal fleet after World War II. The Coastal Route was meant to unite the population with industry and bring the country forward with optimism and hope. The ship is therefore designed and carefully constructed and a piece of quality hand craft. Gamle Salten is certainly an old lady with soul!

The cabins at are relatively small, although larger than the standard when the ship was built. Cabins are classical, with air conditioning, hot and cold water and a «room with a view». Bathrooms with shower/toilet are to find in the in the main areas aboard.



Gamle Salten has 19 double cabins and  6 single cabins. Maximum capacity of 44 guests.

Double Cabin

Small and cosy with a “window” towards the ocean. Two bunk beds and a small sofa. Wardrobe and washbasin with cold and warm water. Cabins are not set up with their own toilet and shower, which are in the main area. All cabins have 220 volt/Hz.

Single Cabin

Small and cosy with “window” towards the ocean. One bunk bed and a small sofa. Wardrobe and washbasin with cold and hot water. Cabins are not set up with own toilet and shower, which are in the main area. All cabins have 220 volt/50 Hz.

About the ship

The first thing you will notice entering the ship is the design, the nostalgic style and elegance. The atmosphere is intimate and romantic. The ship was back in the days divided into two classes with four saloons. The dining area is bright with large windows perfect for admiring the spectacular scenery while eating dinner.

One big happy Family feeling

To sail with us on the Arctic Haute Route, is much more than spectacular nature and epic summit-to- sea hiking. This is also a social arena, a place to hang out with people who share the same passion for active lifestyle and nature. We guarantee you will make new friends! When returning to the ship in the afternoon after a great day up in the mountains, enjoy chilling out on deck while sailing towards next destination. In the evening we will serve you locally sourced food from the region and Our Arctic Adventure Cuisine.

Arctic Adventure Cuisine – worlds class local food!

Since we are an adventure company, it is natural for us to explore the local culinary culture, regional commodities and suppliers in the areas we are sailing and hiking. Together with the famous Norwegian Bocus d’Or Chef Gunnar Hvarnes who’s also the head coach for the Norwegian national team, we have developed Arctic Adventure Cuisine. A culinary program where all food served aboard is based on Arctic commodities from local suppliers, inspired by the new Norwegian and Arctic culinary wave, produed by the best of talent Norway has to offer.  Our goal is that guests shall experience the Arctic Northern Norway on the plate as a parallel to adventures in the Arctic mountains during the day. We work closely together with the Bocus d’Or Norway network of talent, and during summer 2018 chef  Marius Kjeldsberg was aboard our ship, comming straight from Bocus d’Or Torino where he was part of the Norwegian national team that won gold.

  • Price in double cabin:  From NOK 14.900 pp 3 nights and 18.900 4 nights
  • Price in single cabins: From NOK 16.900 pp 3 nights and 19.900 4 nights
  • Flight and & transfer: covered by guest
  • Ship: MS Gamle Salten, capacity 43 guests in 19 double – and 5 single cabins
  • Duration: 4 nights Northbound) or 3 nights Soutbound
  • Period: July and August 
  • Cabins: Double and single cabins
  • Food: Full Board  – Arctic Adventure Cuisine
  • Guides: Tailor-made hikes with own guide