Norwegian Adventure Compay is a leading adventure and explorer cruise company with offices in Oslo and Bodø, established in 2012 by Nina Kristine Madsen-Geelmuyden and Fredrik Geelmuyden, both passionate skiers, windsurfers, and climbers loving the outdoor and Arctic Northern-Norway.

We develop new and innovative adventure products in our region, combining; fantastic nature, tailor-made adventures, local culture & history, and regional culinary by some of Norway’s most talented young chefs, presented as a comprehensive and unique adventure package on a social arena for passionate cross generation exploreres.

Our adventures are tailor-made for people with passion for adventures, in order for our guest to meet new friends sharing the same interests regardless nationality, age or gender. Our guests often say when joining our adventures that one of the benefits of adventuring in smaller groups, is that you get that “one big happy family vibe” and make new friends. This we just LOVE.


Norwegian Adventure Company

Adress: President Harbitz gate 4, 0259 Oslo, Norway

Phone: +47 22556050

E-mail: info@norwegianadventurecompany.com

Org. nr.: 998 283 752

Managing Director


Nina Kristine Madsen-Geelmuyden (1979) founded the company with Fredrik, and is in charge of the daily operation, marketing and customer relations. She grew up in Bodø in Northern-Norway, lives in Oslo, but always longes for the nature, places and people up North. Her family rootes is from Reine in Lofoten, where she spends every winter and summer skiing, biking, hiking & climbing. Nina Kristine has a Masters Degree within energy management and economy from Univeristy of Nordland and MGIMO University in Moscow. She has worked for NUPI, Norwegian Seafood Council in Madrid, and for eights years in the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (OED). Now, it’s all about adventuring and creating days to remember!

Cell: +47 411 60 756
E-mail: ninakristine@norwegianadventurecompany.com

Sales & partners


Fredrik Geelmuyden (1968) founded the company with Nina Kristine, and is in charge og sales, agents and commercial partners. He grew up in Oslo but fell in love with Northern-Norway when exploring the region in the mid-90’s when climbing and skiing the Lofoten Islands. It was the nature, the places, people, the chill atmosphere and no stress culture that caught his heart. He has a BSc from University of Bradford in England, and have worked  as a manager for numeruous technology and consulting companies both internationally and in Norway for two decades. In 200t he turned his life up side down, moving to the mountains in Hemsedal swapping suits and Armani glasses for Gore-Tex and goggles, and worked for SkiStar for 12 years.  He has also started Manitu communication agency in 2008, and Norwegian Adventure Company in 2012.

Cell: +47 977 55 578
E-mail: fredrik@norwegianadventurecompany.com